Soltalk January 2018 - Page 28

warden who was waiting at the ice- cream van about why they had ticketed one person while ignoring other parking indiscretions including their own. Skilfully avoiding answering the question, they told him that they were entitled to get ice-cream for their break and that it was a hot day. Only in the US The Facebook page of the local police in the Georgia town of Marietta chided a shoplifter still at large who had left his ID and fingerprints, as well as posing inadvertently for security cameras. Noting “how easy” the man had made their job, the police “begged” him to give them some sort of challenge: “Please at least try to hide.” The suspect was soon in custody. A US company called Blacksocks has introduced Calf Socks Classic with Plus, a pair of socks with an Internet connection. The smartphone app can help you colour-match your socks and tell you, among other things, whether it’s time to wash them. Ten pairs for just $189. You couldn’t make it up The U.S. Court of Appeals finally pulled the plug on social workers in Orange County, California who had been arguing in court for 16 years that they were not guilty of lying under oath because they did not understand that lying under oath in court is wrong. The social workers had been sued for improperly removing children from homes and defended their actions by inventing “witnesses” to submit made-up testimony. Their lawyers claimed that social workers’ “due process” rights were violated in the lawsuit because in no previous case on record did a judge ever have occasion to explicitly explain to them that creating fictional witness statements is not permitted. The EU reached an historic agreement to ban private citizens’ from possessing semi-automatic weapons in an effort to reduce terrorism. However, one of the 28 nations, Finland, expressed concerns about training its reservists, so the wise men of the EU agreed to exempt the Kalishikov AK-47 assault weapon, which happens to be the terrorists’ firearm of choice. Curiosity got the better of Adriana Salas, 26, who allegedly stole a truck in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and drove it to Fort Smith, 260 miles away, but then could not resist stopping by the local sheriff’s office to ask whether the truck had been reported stolen. The New South Wales parliament in Australia, asked to consider a public petition to cut down on waste, ordered that the petition’s 107,000 signatures, which were submitted on a USB stick, would, according to the rules, have to be submitted instead in hard copy. This ran to 4,000 pages of paper when it was printed out. Immediately after submission to the parliament, the pages were immediately sent to be electronically scanned into a format for data storage. They walk amongst us A court in Lincolnshire jailed two men who broke into a bungalow in Cleethorpes and threatened the owner into handing over his car keys. However, they were back within minutes to ask him how to start the vehicle because they didn’t know how to. Finally on the road, they stalled the car and crashed it into a telegraph pole. A crack cocaine dealer who ran from police in Hull was caught out because he had his name written on the back of his rugby shirt, while a suspected car thief in Birmingham confirmed his guilt when police found a photo of him at the wheel of the stolen car on his mobile phone. Aron Thompson was described by police as a serial thief who, in 2013, became one of the first in the UK to be fitted with a GPS tag. Over the next three weeks, the tag placed him at the scene of seven different burglaries. Tyrel Lewis-Hill was jailed for ٔ)啅́䁄]ٕɡѽ)ȁɵɅѥ͡)ݡɔ QX՝Ё́)ݕɥѥѥٔиAɕ͕)ɔͭѡՉȁѼ)ѥ䁡ݡɕѡص啅ȵ)ݕЁѼѡٽչхɥ䰁)ѡЁɥ́䁡͕ѡ)ɔ݅ͅѕѼȁ)!݅́ɕѕ)eЁ՝Ѐ)ͥ锁ɑɐеЁU,)ɥѕȁQɕ̈́5䁥́م)齸ȃ ܸ=ѽ)ɕ٥܁ѡɽՍЁɕ̰q9Ёٕ)ɽȁхt)Qѕȁ͕ٔ)́ȁݼ܁ɽɥѥ)́՝Ёѡ չ)ɔѡ)QݥѕȸQ䁹܁́ɥѕȁɥ)٥Aݥɥ )Q]e܁ѤM)5)5ɱЁ=ɕݡ)Ё啅ȁЁѡ԰݅́)ULɕͥЁQյ́)䁑她)ݥѠ́ɵȁݥQɕ̈́ݥѠݡ)х͔ɥ͡)Qȁɕɑȁ)ݽɑ́ѼѡЁѡѽ)́ɕѠ͕݅䰁)䁵Mѽq)Qյ́t)Eսѕ+qeѠ́ݡ׊eɔݕѼх)є9܁eˊéٔ5)ݡ׊eɔɍѼt Y՝)ɥյЁѡȤ+q9܁eˊé܁́ѡѕ)ѥѼȁɕձȁՅ)ɕͽѥ̸9Ёݕԁ)٥ݥѠѡ́Յt(5ɬQ݅+qɕͽѥ́ɔͥ䁍)ѡЁɅ܁ݡɔѡ)ٔչлt=͍ȁ]+qѥЁх́չѥЁѼ)͕ѡ9܁eȁͥЁх)Ѽɔѡ啅ȁٕ̻t( Y՝+q!ݡɕ́ɕͽѥ́)ݕ쁡ݡ́́t(4-ݱ̸ɥѥФ)䰁ȁٽɥє)ѥ́()M͉éѡɕѕ)M9Ʉ)9ѠQ幕ͥݥѠѥ)͔́ɹȁ͡)Me̸QٽɽՉ)́́܁ɕѡ͡)5ɥ̸ͥ͵)5ɥͽ́ͅѡɵɭЃq)tq5ȁ9Ʉ)ѽ́٥ͱ䁡ٔхєͼ)ݔݥ͠ݕt(+q ́Ѽ܁啅ȁѡ)ȁ́ѼЁЁɥлt(=Ʌ]ɕ)ɅѕհݱЁѼѡݥ)́ɽݡͽѡ́ѕɥ)Ʌѕ55ɽȰ)ɕ̰%ЁMչ䰁5Mչ)QMոQMչQ̰QQ́Q)QɅMͽѡչ䰁ɔȁ)ݕɐ ɥѥ́ȁ)ѥ́ɔݕ)䁕ѼͅɅͽх