Soltalk January 2018 - Page 26

Jottings News from the UK and around the World compiled by Dave Jamieson . . . the wild, the wacky, the wonderful, the weird and the downright infuriating The Best of the Worst of 2017 The world of gender correctness spread like wildfire during 2017. A guidebook for teachers, parents and pupils sent to schools around Britain advised against using language that suggests there are only two genders and condemned saying “ladies” and “gents.” Alternative terms listed to describe gender and sexuality included “cisgender,” “panromantic,” “intersex” and “genderqueer.” Sussex University students’ union asked its members not to use the pronouns “he” and “she” to avoid assumptions being made on how people identify. It said individuals whose gender identities are not known should not be described as “men” or “women,” and inclusive terms such as “person” should be used instead.” Even the British Medical Association found itself issuing a formal caution to staff not to use the term “expectant mothers” because it might offend transgender people. Instead, the BMA suggests the term “pregnant people.” Council advising residents to put their domestic rubbish in the freezer to stop it smelling during the ten-day Christmas break enjoyed by their collection services. Council Capers Council wardens in London fined a 65- year-old woman £80 (€93) for tipping a cup of unwanted coffee down a drain. Ealing council insisted that she should pay up, until newspapers got hold of the barmy story after which the fine was suddenly cancelled. The year saw workmen in Yeovil installing a lamp-post in the middle of a lay-by, council workers who were re- surfacing a road in Manchester going around a parked car leaving a chunk of the road unfinished, and Derby County The installation of an automatic speed sign to deter ‘rat run’ drivers was delayed because a Leicestershire council did not have the correct step ladder. Mark Jackson, clerk to the parish 24