Soltalk January 2018 - Page 16

Violent death A 55-year-old man was beaten to death in Zaragosa last month for wearing the Spanish colours. His alleged attacker, a 33- year-old with a record of violence and now held in custody, reportedly called him a “fascist” for wearing braces with red and yellow stripes. The suspect served five years for leaving a Barcelona security guard as a quadriplegic following a beating in 2006. Family tragedy A 40-year-old woman and her six-year- old nephew died last month in the Navarra town of Cintruénigo when an accumulation of gas caused a wood- burning boiler to explode. Two other minors, aged eight and 12, were seriously injured with fractures and burns. The tragedy occurred as 11 members of the same family had gathered for a birthday celebration. Terror suspect A 19-year-old man detained in the Madrid municipality of Majadahonda last month is suspected of being an IS member. The Interior Ministry says the Moroccan-born youth of Spanish nationality had used multiple identities on the internet to receive and send terrorist propaganda. It added he was detained after a, “worsening of dangerous behaviour.” Offender confesses A 19-year-old man reported himself to police in Galicia last month, claiming he had assaulted his wife. The Cabo Verde national went with officers to his home, but he then tried to flee. He was caught and taken to a medical centre for sedation, only to find his wife had just left with a police report form after being treated for injuries. Footpath project The provincial government has approved a budget of almost €340,500 to complete the coastal footpath between Vélez- Málaga and Rincón de la Victoria. The 470 metre link for pedestrians and cyclists will include a wooden bridge over the Santillán river. The stretch will eventually become part of the footpath which is planned to stretch along the entire coast of the province of Málaga. Granada rocks Two earthquakes were recorded below the sea off the coast of Granada last month. The first recorded at 1.32am registered 2.2 while the second at 9.46am was recorded with a strength of 3.4. However, the tremors were gentle enough to go almost unnoticed along the Costa Tropical. Ancient privileges for Nerja and Torrox An early 18th century book, important to the development of Nerja and Torrox, has gone on display at the Nerja History Museum. The so-called “Book of Privilege” was granted by King Philip V, the first member of the French House of Bourbon to rule as Spain’s monarch. The document dating from 1705 has recently been restored by Málaga’s Provincial Archives and was put on display in the museum last December. However it only remained there until December 10, after which it was replaced by a facsimile to ensure the book’s preservation. Local historian Francisco Capilla has told the story of the volume in a video which is available on YouTube. In it, he explains that in the summer of 1505, 18 years after the Axarquía was absorbed into the Crown of Castille, the Moroccan inhabitants of Nerja and Torrox departed for north Africa, leaving the land almost completely unpopulated. The Crown ordered Vélez-Málaga to repopulate the area with 40 people allocated to Nerja and 70 to Torrox, but the area on the border of Granada was known to be dangerous and few wanted to make the move. So a wide range of local tax exemptions and other benefits were introduced in a charter to persuade them otherwise. Despite this, Nerja was more or less abandoned from 1540 until the first sugar mill appeared in the 1590s and, thanks to sugar cane cultivation, the Title page of Book of Privilege town’s population began to grow and had risen to around 2,500 by the 18th century. Then, in 1702, the War of the Spanish Succession broke out bringing with it demands for additional taxes. Amongst other towns in similar positions, Nerja and Torrox sought to confirm the privileges granted to them two centuries earlier. Philip V agreed in order to maintain the municipalities’ loyalties and this was confirmed to Nerja and Torrox in a 22-page leather bound book, the Book of Privilege, which is now kept in Nerja’s municipal archives. Fatal Antequera fire An 18-year-old man died and two other people were seriously injured with burns in a fire which broke out in Antequera last month. The alert was raised at 7.30am on a Saturday morning by a neighbour who reported the outbreak at a two storey house in calle Mariano B 1̸)QȁͅѡЁЁЁͽ)݅́ɅЁݡɔɕ)ѥե͡ѡ́ݕɔ)Ѽѕȁѡ䁙չѡ䁽ѡ)ѠձЁ݅́ɕѕЁѡ()͍ݡ啅ȵݽݡ)ɥѼɕ͍Քѡѕȁ݅)хѼх7)ɕѵиQݼ́ͼѡ)ɔ)9ѥAѕ䁽)ٕѥѥѼѡи)٥՝ѕѡЁѡɔ)ٔ́ɥ́Ʌ饕ȁݡ)݅́Ёѡɽ丁Qщɕ)݅́Ѽɽݡɔ)́ѡх٥ѥ)ͱ́͵ѡ͔