Soltalk January 2018 - Page 14

Animal rights A change to the law is likely soon to classify pets as “living things with feelings,” rather than objects. Ciudadanos is behind the move to ensure animals’ wellbeing in cases of divorce or inheritance. The move, which has cross- party support, will mean secured loans can no longer be taken out against animals and they will not be eligible for seizure in debt recovery operations. Pensions increase Pensions for widows and widowers are set to increase for over-65s to avoid hardship. The move follows the case of two sisters living in the same nursing home who were accused of co-habiting, forcing one to move elsewhere to avoid losing her pension. The change is retroactive and is one of several socialist-backed initiatives on pensions approved last month. Tests restart Spain’s driving test examiners are back at work after three-day stoppages every week since June with around 193,000 tests cancelled. However, they say they may take further action if the government fails to act on their demands on pay and staffing levels. Some driving schools are reported to be near to closing as pupils see no prospect of taking a test anytime soon. Soccer warning FIFA has warned the Royal Spanish Football Federation over alleged government interference in its operations. Ángel María Villar Llona, suspended in July as part of an anti-corruption investigation, has complained that he is being pressurised to stand down as president of the Federation by the Spain’s National Sports Council. A letter expressing FIFA’s concerns was sent last month and a meeting is planned after Christmas. Top foodies The world’s top ten food cities include three in Spain, according to London- based catering firm Caterwings. San Sebastian comes first and also tops associated lists of best food quality, best service and best high-end restaurants. The Top Ten also includes Barcelona and Madrid. Caterwings extensive research included factors which are most important to food lovers, including affordability and the availability of vegetarian and vegan options. Nerja beach becomes municipal property A 1,300 square metre plot on the coast in the centre of Nerja is to come into municipal ownership. Calahonda beach, immediately to the east of the Balcón de Europa, has appeared in thousands of holiday snaps but over the last three years has become run down and dirty, prompting complaints from the public and local businesses. Until September 2014, it was home to the Papagayo bar which became renowned for its live music performances. However, noise nuisance forced its closure since when it has been more or less abandoned. The town hall has now completed the formalities for acquiring the area and has agreed a price of €953,600 with its owners, a figure endorsed by the provincial government’s expropriation court. The final papers signed last month brought Calahonda into the ownership of the municipality. It is understood that the remains of the old bar, now dilapidated, will be demolished and the town council will pic: Dave Jamieson Nerja Playa Calahonda pictured in 2008 invite tenders for a new establishment to be created. It will be located closer to the foot of the cliffs, and the whole beach will