Soltalk September 2017 - Page 8

Comment Welcome to the September edition of Soltalk, this being many people’s favourite month here on the Costa del Sol with what will hopefully be slightly cooler, sunny days and a few more parking spaces available! At present, almost 1,000 people previously registered in Nerja have not come forward to renew their entry on the Padrón, the official list of the municipality’s population. To check if renewal is required, visit the reception area of Nerja Town Hall and ask at the left-hand desk (open weekdays 8.00am to 1.15pm), taking identification with you such as NIE certificate, passport or medical card. Alternatively, email name, address and phone number plus NIE number to and a check will be made. We really hope you like the redesigned look of our cover and the improvements to many of our pages. These are all thanks to our new partner Katie Rhead, a very skilled graphic designer. Not only is she proficient at design but we can now offer extra services to clients who need help to develop their social media marketing, websites, logos, branding and much more. Just get in touch with us if you’d like to know more. We are delighted to welcome Katie to the Soltalk team. Renewal should be made every two years, or in the case of holders of the green residents’ card, every five years. Meanwhile, thousands of sneakers have been dredged out of the Chillar river in Nerja. They are the product of the custom of throwing one’s shoes to dangle from electric cables by those who have completed the popular walk along the river bed. Last month’s clearance was the second clean-up of the river this summer. Nerja Town Hall has issued a new plea for residents to prevent the town from losing cash grants from central government. The municipality is in danger of falling below a critical population level which would deny the town an annual €150 p