Soltalk September 2017 - Page 58

BookTalk Essential Info APARIV ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY along to a rehearsal and hear us and decide if Association for the protection of animals Rincon you’d like to join us! For more information call Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Torre del Mar. de la Victoria. More Information call Stephen 669 682 139 English/689 111 352 Spanish. Avda. Moscatel 1”I”, (Jardines Viña Malága/ 952 514 671 or COSTA ANIMAL SOCIETY - CAS Antigua Casa de la Viña), Torre del Mar. APCUN Now in its 31st year, CAS helps to rescue and Tel. 952 543 334 Web: Asociacion de Presidentes de Comunidades de rehome abused, abandoned or homeless September Events Urbanizaciones Nerjeñas. The association of animals in Nerja/Maro. For more information September 4 – Half Orange “Bring and Share” Nerja urbanisation presidents welcomes new you can call ring Vera on 952 52 9670, the CAS Lunch, widows, widowers and singles group. members. Contact Elise Anfray on 952 52 18 68. charity shop on 689 314 350, or visit our website Make and meet new friends at the Centre. The AQUA AEROBICS CLUB at group meets on other Mondays for coffee, Meets every Saturday at the Nerja Municipal COSTA CAMERA CLUB NERJA walks, visits to places of interest, etc. 1pm. Pool, 10-11am, €12 a month. More information We are a group of people sharing an interest in September 18 – Spanish groups re-start. Contact and bookings call Jennifer, 95 252 3599. photography and are of mixed ability and the Centre if you would like to learn Spanish. ASOCIACION FOTOCLUB NERJA experience. For more information you can call September 18 – German coffee afternoon. 1pm. C/ Diputación nº2 (Centro Giner de los Rios) 645 053 258 or email September 5 & 19 – Photography Group. From 29780 Nerja. Enjoy photography with us. More details on “Good Shot” to “Great Shot”, come and learn Mob: 600 204 021. COSTA DEL SOL SAMARITANS photography with Bob Bell Photography. A fun Tel: 902 88 35 35 - volunteers are on duty to and informal group to help you to get more BUENA VISTA PETANCA GROUP listen to you every weekday evening between from your camera. 4pm. Plays at the Verano Azul, Nerja, on Monday, 8pm and midnight. September 21 - Coach trip to Gibraltar. A Tuesday and Thursday mornings and chance to sightsee and buy Duty Free goods and competitions on Friday mornings. Contacts: typical English items of food, etc. from the Nigel Wallace: 951 321 215. Nigel Kind 952 530 CREATIVE WRITING GROUP Morrisons Supermarket. Tickets €12 at the 779. David Abbott 699 210 ͋ܜH[X\]\HXۙY\^K۝XSTSSH[ZX[]ܚ][˘K^[\]Y[ݚY[[ YXH[HQPHTHTԕԓT\[[X\܈H[\[܈\[[[H\H][]HYX[X]Y[ [MH LM̎K]X][ۈو[\܈\YH[Z][TTSSQH[\\܈H\H܈[KHYY]]X]Y^HXZ[[[Z[[ۈHXۙ\^HوXX[۝]\\[[YHHX[[ۈH LK[H[Y]\XH][HX\XܛH\وX]]Y\[\Y[[ۈYHHX\و[[Y܈\[\Y[[ZKX\H H[]\^\ۛK\KHYY][HX\][\XKH[ L [KLLH]HYH[X[ۈو]\[H[\ۙHML MLL܈K[XZ[[[[ˈ]^[܈MH L KYXPYXKܙYHX HY\  H K\\SSHTPPSӈX\\KZ[Hܛ[\[MH KYY]ۈH\[ۙ^HوH[۝] H܈[ܛX][ۋ[[Z]MH L ̌ ]H[\[\ۈHYHوZHp]Y[HPSTPSӐSHTH LMKHXܙ[\\][\[Hܝ\[Z[Y[X\[X[[[ۜ]ˈ܈[ܛX][ۈ˙[ HۈY[X\[\]H[ݘ]YX[Kܙ܈\]\]ۙHوHYY][ˈ\K]HXY\Y\ ]H x HH\HSSPшTH[[X\KYHYH[HܙX]ܛ\و[\و[][ HY[\[YK[HHHX\[H[H[Y\ˈ۝XMH L ܈]Z[ˈH[H\H[XHXZH[Y\[X\][TS&TQSHX]H[ܜHH[X\\”\[X\ H L X] H]Y\ H]\ܝܛ\܈[H^\Y[[SՑHUHUTP”\[X\ YX] [X[ و[HH[K[ܛX[[[[H]\\”\[X\ H[H[ܘKX\\Y[JK[Y[[Y\\K[ۈ]\^\ LKLLۋ[X[HB\[X\ L H[Y\HXX\[X[ܚ\HZ[H\ZYؙ\X\\[YHܝ[H H]B\[X\ H HY\ۈ\\\]HHܛ\و8'Y['H[\ܝXXH\XH K\K H8 ܈[ܙH[Έ H \[X\ H[[Z[][^H\YY[Y\X[\H M [ݙZ]]\XXZ˘˝Z˂\[X\ H HX[][[ۙH\^H[\[[ܛX][ۋHQT”\[X\ H\X[\\H[[܈[H\H[[HYY]XXXۙY\^HوH[۝\[X\ HY[\[\\H\ˈ\ܝ\Kˈ[H\HXH]Y[ؙ\[X^H]H\H[\KHX\[Y\^K\^H[[[YH]Y[ۙKݚYHYܘ[YK\KH]HZY[\]Y]\^H LK  H M [\\[XX[[\[H\KX\\\X\ۈ\[YH^\BLK  H LˌMK]\H[ۙ^H\X[Y\Y[H[ZH[X\H۝X^HR XܙY]YQTXZ\K܂H ˌKYH[ۙ܈H[YHو\[\\P]XZ[ H[[ۙH[\\Y[][[[[Z[\[\[Y\܈\YY]Y[ˈ[MLH H܈[ؚ[H ]\ L NMMH\ [\H[[ܛ\[H[H[X[ \K[MH L N N\[[[[YHZ]\[܈\YH[ۙš\ˈXXΈY\K[XZ[S HSTUSӐSTBQUHX[\X[ۘ[[\P]˘H[Y[ NNHY]H\ݙ\ [YKX]8 L ˛\[Y\˛ܙ܂ԐVSPHTY[X\[^\\]][ۜ]\H[[[ۈ  MNH܈[ܛX][ۋ[HZH[[[[HZH[HYZ][ܙ]K]Y\H[[ܚ\[THSHP\H\H[][][\XYH[۝H]ܘ[YKY\\H[YH^H[^\[YX\[OY[\›Y[X\وH[ ۙY\X\Y\]\ˈX\H\]˙[K[ M\]\H\^H\[ۈؙ\ ܘ[ܘ^[XH[\HXY\\و]\X[ H M܈[XZ[Y[X\\[H LL H\[[]YX[Z][ۋ\]KܙX] Y[H][\K[܈[ܙH]Z[ˈX\[HHHK[]ZX\[][ۘ[]Y\\\\K\ܛX[\[UHQQSQS]K[\\\[Y Y\[ۘ\X[][XH\[]ˈH]HYY[Y[ܛ\X\HܚXH[YHHX\ܜXH]^\Y[YZX\[\^\ Mˌ8$̌ [H\H[\K܈ܛ[[\ۈY]X\ˈ܈ٙ\[ۘ[XX\ˈY]\XH][YH X\[\HۈHXZ[M̌ HY]p]Y[H[ܙH[[Yۈ L LH LMH܈[XZ[XH][ۈ[[Y]\JH\K ][YK[HوYH\[]KYH]]YY[Y[XZ[ HY][\]\H\^H] KBMVUSKԔHSPT[K\\X[\ ˌH\ \ܝ Q\]Z\Y \[X\ 8$ۘ\[p[YH]Y[' L YX\وYܛX][۸'H8$[^][B[H[HY\XH]Y[]]\XB[X\X[X Hۘ\\[˜\\[[H]\܈H L []\\HوHYܛX][ۋ^][H\›ܙ[\[HXX[\]H[p[YB] KM\H\ \]\[H[YH܂[܈]HY][X][H]Kۘ\\]KXX]8]B[KHX[X]Hp[YH]K \B\ [ۙ^H HY^K\[X\ H H H8$X\X\\p\YH[YZދ܈]Z[œX\HYHX[[ۈYH ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ[[X\B۝XH[KܜH[X\[ ML M ŒK[XZ[^][P^ [][KܙˈX\BۙHو\][\H\]܋\]ܜ[