Soltalk September 2017 - Page 48

BookTalk Book Talk with Smiffs book & card store, Nerja A Legacy Of Spies (l) returns to the characters of ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, John le Carré’s most famous espionage novels. Peter Guillam, staunch colleague and disciple of George Smiley of the UK Secret Service has retired to his family farmstead on the south coast of Brittany when a letter from his old employer summons him to London. His Cold War past has come back to claim him. Intelligence operations that were once the toast of secret London are to be scrutinised by a generation with no memory of the Cold War. Somebody must be made to pay for innocent blood once spilled in the name of the greater good. to a secure unit in a women’s prison is intended as a punishment. Instead, Lisbeth finds herself in relative safety. Flodberga is a failing jail, effectively controlled by the inmates: for a computer hacker of her exceptional gifts there are no boundaries. Other thrillers worth a look include: Robert B Parker’s Debt To Pay (p), a Jesse Stone novel by Reed Farrel Coleman; The Seagull (l), a Vera Stanhope novel by Ann Cleeves; Rhyming Rings (p), by David Gemmell; The Saboteur (l), by Andrew Gross; A Cold Case In Amsterdam Central (p), by Anja De Jager; Thirst (l), by Jo Nesbø; Haunted (l), by James Patterson; and Secrets In Death (l), by JD Robb. Among the romantic fiction titles is The Living Infinite (l), by Cuban-American Chantel Acevedo, a tale inspired by the true story of Spanish princess Eulalia, an outspoken firebrand at the Bourbon court during the troubled final years of her family reign. After her cloistered childhood, her youth spent in exile, and loveless marriage, she willingly accepts a role as royal emissary in the New World. She travels in the company of Thomas Aragon, the son of her former wet nurse and a small-town b ͕ȁݥѠѡЁȁٕɔٽ兝͡Ѽ) ՉՉݥѠɕٽѥ䁙ٽȁѡѼѡ) ]ɱȸ́ȁ́ѡ́ɔɹ́͡ѡɔ)́ͅ䁽ѡ ɉ幅䁅ՕЁѡȸ)Mɕѱ䰁́͡ɥѼՉ͡ȁȁ)͍̰䁅ѽɅ䰁ѡЁЁݕ)ɸѡ=]ɱɑȁ́)1=Ḿ́ѡ́ѣéMх!ѱЁѥѱ̸)Mɔѥɕ䁹ܰѡ́ɔ٥Ѽ͵)ɉɵЁȁѡЁѥȁɕՕ)ͽѥ́ѕȁѥЁɥиɔՔ)Չѥمɥ́ѕ́ѡ́Ѡɱ=ѽȸ)QMх!ѱЁ́ɕ́ѼՑЁȁ)ɑɥ)Mх她ٕЁ)5չ́IЁ!ɥϊd)ѡɥȁЁɕͽ)͍共䁅)Ʌ兰ݥѠɕ)Ʌѕ́Յ̸ٕM)ٕȁȁ́Ёѡ)ɽѡ5չ) ɕMѕȀ)ѡ́ѡչ́)ݼݡݕɔɥ́)=ᙽɐѽѡȁѡ̸)!՝1Ё́ɥͥхȁ)ѡU,ѥ͕٥)͕٥́ɥمє͕ɕхѼ)ѡU,Aɥ5ѕȰ9٥) ɱAհٽ)!ѵ́ѡхѡɵɕ=)͕ɕѱ䁄ȁѡѤ)!ѱȁɕͥх)%ѡѽ䁉Ʌх(I䁅1ͱ)齹ݡЁѡ䁍+aQɕѕЁM ɥѥ͠)!ѽdQ́́)ɹȰɥɅѥ)յх聄х)ɅɅɥՔ)Ʌѥɕ)յ丁Qٕ呅)ɥ́ѡ͔)ٽٕɔɽ՝Ё٥٥)ѼݥѠݥѹ)չ́Ёɕ͕ɍ)ȁɔѡѡɕ)啅̰ɽѼ̰)ѡѥѕɥѽ䁽Ʌх)݅́ͥ)Ё͕ѡ)ٕݡɍ́MɅ%Ёѡ)ЁͥU,ѽ䁅݅́ѡɔȁѡ)ѡչéɥ́ѡ]ȁ)%)Mѥ1ͽé5մ)͕ɥ̰ݡݥѠѡ)Չ͡)Qɰ]ѠQɅ)Qѽ́ѥՕ)٥1ɍɅ聥Qɰ)]Q́唁ȁ(1͉ѠMȁ́)ɽѼɝ̸ٕM)ɝ䁄х)ɥ͔)ɕѕѕ́ȁ)!ȁɅхѽ́х)ɕȁȁѼ)Ёѥ (