Soltalk November 2017 - Page 8

Welcome to the November edition of Soltalk, probably delivered to your favourite bar or shop on November 2nd due to the public holiday All Saints Day on November 1st. The remainder of November seems quite empty of local fiestas but British readers will perhaps be thinking of Guy Fawkes night and Rememberance Sunday of course. We haven’t included the Cataluña developments in our news stories as this is changing so rapidly that it will no doubt be out of date by the time the magazine comes out, especially with a new deadline set for a few days after we go to print. As Harold Wilson famously said, “a week is a long time in politics”. I was sad to hear that the UK’s fifth largest carrier, Monarch Airlines collapsed last month, and not just because I’d recently bought a ticket with them. The Royal British Legion, Nerja Branch, are organising a Poppy Ball on November 10 and a Remembrance Day event which is non religious, please see page 58 for more details. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority did a great job of getting any passengers stranded abroad back to the UK in what was described as the UK’s biggest peacetime repatriation, with 110,000 customers brought home on specially chartered planes. I will miss travelling with them, they offered a great friendly service. In a happier story, with echoes of a Lassie episode (showing my age!) a two-year old girl has been found safe and well after going missing in the Gredos mountains of Ávila for seven hours. She disappeared last month while out walking with her father and was found four kilometres away. The family’s dog Kie is being credited for her safety as the two were found huddled together for protection by searchers who were attracted by his barking. Well done Kie! I hope you got a few extra treats! We have a bigger magazine for you this month, and it’s packed with plenty to read. There’s our new very popular Top Things to Do (page 34), a n Wr&V6RfVGW&RvRCBFV&PvR7&VBbfVǒFw2vFFV"&W7Bg&VG2vFFVBF42BFR67'Vfg2WfVBFFR'BGvV6Fw2B&RFR&W7Bg&VBW2&RBvw6W'FǒVVBFBF6VRvR3vR7FfRW"&VwV"ffW&FW2&FƲGFw242Ww27'BVF76W76B&RvvPv6FFF6RbRvfRFVFRFRF6ƖVBW"&V6VBWrFW6v2vRFV6RfRw&VBfV&W"BVF277VRb6FƲ4$%$U0