Soltalk November 2017 - Page 47

either on the future or the past. The mind, the creator of our reality, is either in forward or reverse gear and rarely in neutral, which is the present moment. Most of us are living our lives through images, uncontrolled thoughts rather than in the “now.” Our lives are in this moment. We only have this moment. The past has gone. The future will never come. It will always be just that, the future. We have “now”. We only live “now”and we can only be happy “now”. This is all we ever have. Focus on the “now” and happiness is assured. Thoughts control our emotions. Control our thoughts. Ipso facto happiness is within our grasp. We weed out what makes us unhappy and we are left with Class A happiness. Unfortunately we have one major problem. How to monitor and control our working minds. Two well-known and expensive procedures are psycho analysis and cognitive behavioural therapy. They take time but apparently they do help us overcome our states of unhappiness. Another more readily available way is through the practice of meditation and the development of mindfulness. This is a key to happiness, which everyone can use. Try it. Tony Downey M.Ed.,Dip Spec.Ed. DASE. If you would like to know more or if you are already practicing meditation I would love to hear from you. Possibly we could set up a group of meditators, a group of friends who are interested in self-development and happiness. Anyone out there interested can contact me at