Soltalk November 2017 - Page 42

Your stars for November Aries Leo Sagittarius Get energised and enthusiastic, you could attract a new friend who is willing to go out of his or her way for your benefit. This month could bring a hidden disagreement to light. Avoid fury but stand firm. Love and romance shine bright, you will be at your most attractive and seductive. This month you could meet more people, some exotic or with exotic tastes. You could be the shining light in your neighbourhood and immediate circle of friends. You may not spend time with them all, but you will be in their thoughts, and you may hear from some of them. Creativity - or perhaps just your already bright sense of fun - bursts forth this month. Do what makes you the happiest without spending the rent money on it. Friends want to play and be inspired, too. Focus on what matters most to you and make great progress during the coming months. Taurus Virgo Capricorn Your most private opinions and cherished projects get a boost now. You could connect privately with someone who shares your passions. Health and happiness go together this month. Your partner or best friend will urge you to take better care of yourself. Make a change in your work or domestic life this month. You may not even do it consciously, but you’ll notice a big improvement in your finances and in a relationship with a friend soon after. You may get news of a financial matter. A loan or finance could be approved. There’s no place like home this month. Things are looking good at work and it feels even better to go home. A small personal treat is due. Buy a new coffee mug or a new app for your phone. Your work life is highlighted too. A wanted change might require a sacrifice. Gemini Libra Aquarius This month lights up your social life. Feel comfortable letting your friends choose where to go or what to do when you get there. You don’t have to go along with everything, but there are a lot of good ideas for fun out there. You have more patience than you realise. Love beams directly into your heart this month. If you’ve been bogged down in your own concerns lately, that won’t change, but a love interest will join in and bring a lot of happiness your way. You will use your charms to get what you want. Enjoy life and company now. Indulge your desire to hang out with your friends more this month. They may not choose to do your favourite things, but that won’t matter. Just being together means a lot now. An idea that once sounded great isn’t quite so appealing now. Have another look. Cancer Scorpio Pisces Look out for a work opportunity to appear mid-month. Home life is stable if not peaceful. Feel secure enough to spread your wings and fly a bit higher. People are backing you. You can slow down or speed up, as needed, to fix something at home. You have a chance to get down to a home project at last. Put yourself first this month. If you’ve had a health issue, address it now. Join a gym, go for a walk, or eat better, and be happy about it. You will have greater opportunities for the next year. Lay low but stay busy. You may not see many people, but you could talk to some who want your expertise and skills. Money matters are illuminated this month. A favour done recently may come back to your advantage now. You might need to do something on your own behalf to get this started, but a small effort should be enough. You get the chance to make a big difference by doing what to you is minor and simple. 40