Soltalk November 2017 - Page 39

Goodbye La Tahona Holandesa We are sad to say that we will be closing the restaurant after almost five years. We opened on the first of May, 2013. With a little bit of pain in our heart we will leave “our” restaurant, but it is time to retire and we will close on the first of January. So, this will be our last Christmas and New Year, so if you want to book don’t delay. We have really enjoyed working here and Nerja is really our hometown now. We have made a lot of friends, and we will definitely miss our guests. We are pleased to say that we will be staying in Nerja and will continue a little work with some catering, which we will do under the name of Nerja Catering, you can find us on our website or on Facebook. Also, you will be able to hire Dirk as a home chef so you can still enjoy his tapas. After a difficult start in 2013, we are not in the best location in Nerja, we think we really made a nice business. Of course it is always difficult to start a business and especially in a place like Nerja where there are over 300 restaurants and tapas bars.... But we earned our place. First we think by starting the very popular Indonesian buffet nights and then by joining the Ruta de tapas, a competition to find the best tapas in Nerja. The first time we entered we came third, what a big surprise. Dirk in between the Spanish chefs collecting his diploma. Then FPWBV"WfV&vvW"7W'&6RvRvrF2V"vP6R6V6B6F&VRV'2FRFF&VRF&( 2F2&V6RfW2&V6W6RRWBBbfRFVv2G'rFRFVW&fV7BआRW2v2g&W6F2@FW&Rv2FffW&VBf"vRvRw&FR'F6RW&R6FƲWfW'FFbFPFFBv2fW'6R'WB&WBb7F&W2F&WfW"&WB`FV2f"WrF2vRv7W&Vǒ֗72F2'WBB0FRf"6WFrWrvRfRBb2vRvBF6VRB`7BVƗfrW&FRf"rW2fVVvBW&vRRvPv6VRRF27BGvF2FR&W7FW&BFFPf"&VrW"wVW7G2$t$UDbD$DDU4