Soltalk November 2017 - Page 22

Drugs rebuff Rafa Nadal is suing a former French sports minister who said he had tested positive for drugs. Roselyne Bachelot claimed the tennis player’s seven-month layoff for a knee injury was a cover up for his suspension from playing. Nadal’s prosecutors in Paris say the charges are “very serious” and are demanding compensation of €100,000 plus a custodial sentence for the politician. Theft suspects National Police in Granada have detained four Moroccan youths suspected of a series of break-ins, some with force, across the city. More than 30 thefts of mobile phones, computers, other electronics and cash are being attributed to them. They are believed to have scaled walls and balconies to access windows left open during warm weather. Noise control Málaga is to trial the use of acoustic panels to reduce noise from bars and terraces. Next month’s experiment in plaza Montaño, simulating the noise levels, will be followed by use of the panels in real establishments to find out if they give enough protection. The devices absorb and diffract sound and their inventor claims noise reduction of between 20 and 30 decibels. Vélez first Vélez-Málaga is claiming to be the first Spanish municipality to have defibrillators installed in all its schools and municipal nurseries. It will soon become obligatory by law to have the devices available in educational establishments but Vélez already has 21 in place. The councillor responsible, Ana Campos, said the town was becoming a “cardio-protected municipality to the benefit of its school children.” Death enquiry A court in Cantabria last month opened an investigation into the death of a Málaga man. José María Callejón, aged 62 from La Cala del Moral, died from carbon monoxide poisoning while 92 others required hospital treatment following a leak from a faulty boiler in an hotel in Isla last month. The court is considering a possible offence of homicide and reckless injury. See Smalltalk on page 22 Mezquitilla wins beach regeneration plan Vélez-Málaga is to receive €4 million from the EU towards a project to restore the beach in Mezquitilla. The plan, Operation Brick Beach, aims to use recycled waste from construction and demolition sites to upgrade the village of fewer than 300 residents which lies within the municipality. repopulating the sea off Mezquitilla with seagrasses. Collaborating with Vélez Town Hall on the three-year project are Málaga University, the Federation of Waste Management Companies, the Costas department and the education and conservation group Aula del Mar. They will collectively provide the remaining 20 per cent of the €5 million budget. The cash is coming from the EU’s Innovative Urban Actions initiative which attracted over 200 applicants from 28 countries. Confirming the news last month, Vélez’ Councillor for Enterprise and Employment, María José Roberto, said only one other Spanish project, in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada, was amongst the 16 finally approved. The town hall says the project will end illegal dumping by construction companies in the municipality and will turn waste rubble into an economic asset. It is also thought to be a pioneering project not only in Spain, but throughout Europe. The plan includes the construction of a treatment plant for waste materials from building a [[][ۈ]\X[\[H[HXقH[][HܘZ[^HH\Y܂XXY[\][ۋ][[Y\]\Y]HXHܙX]YB\][ۈXXX[X[]]BHܛوZ\\H\X\X [\[[HXۛZX™][Y[Y\Z[XB\\KZ[[[\Hݙ\Y[\YܙYY[˜Z\[H[[Z\YX۝\[][X]H[[\ [UB\X]H\]Z\[H\Hو[\][[Y\\\X[YHH[&B[[ۜTH[TK^HZY]XY[H[[^\H][YX]B[][X][ۈ[\YY]]\š[X[܈]]H[\XZ\˜[][X]H]ۙH[\[BܙZYۈ[XYK\XX[H[[Y\[Y\ˈHXXܚ“Z[\H\YܙYY][\\\Z\XK8'\H\]]B[\[XZH]Y\ܞK'BH[[ۜ^H^H\H\H]H]YH[]HZ[YY]\UHY[X\]\]H[XYBXYH[Z[\[^\[ۜˈZ[]\[][X]HHYܙY[Y[HUHYܙHH[و\YX\HUx&\[[[ۈXZH[\H[[ۈ[XYH]Y[[[۝\\[ܙX\BY]K]\Y\ۛHZ\ܝX]H[ܙH[ L \[\HYX\[Z[\š[Y\[X[KQ[K\[ۘH[] ܘ[[\XKXYY\Z\p[YK[XHHX[ܘH[[\YH] ]\H\X]H[˜XۛY\][H]HX\˜Hܚ[[XYHXۚ\YHB[\][ۘ[][]X][ۂܙ[\][ۈ[۝[YH\[][H]X][ۈ[܈[]\œX[Y[Y Z\[X\ۜ[pX\\]HH]\][H[\]܈[HX[^Z[B\ܞH[[\ܝ[HوBX[ۈوZ\[[H^\]pXKB\H[[H[\HY[\H۝\Y\HH[H[H8M ڙX ܈[\Y\HZ\[\ۙHوH[\ܝ[XۛZX[ܜوHݚ[Hقp[YH[[\]Y[[B[Y\X[X]]K