Soltalk November 2017 - Page 18

Caves upset The general manager of the Nerja Caves has quit after six months in the job. Carlos García, formerly CEO of Economic and Productive Development in Málaga’s Provincial Government, is leaving to take up a post as manager of the Provincial Revenue Board. Broken leg Emergency crews were called out to the course of the Chillar river near Frigiliana last month to help a 12-year- old who had fallen while out walking. The Swiss boy, believed to have broken his leg, was with his mother who raised the alarm. He was found in the area known as Pozo Grande and taken to hospital for treatment. Arenas investment A Belgian group has announced a €90 million project to build a geriatric home two kilometres outside Arenas. The 50,000 square metre complex will include 120 apartments for patients, plus a four-star hotel with 121 rooms for use by their families or by tourists. Once opened, the group says the project will create 90 direct jobs. German connection The possibility of direct flights between Granada and Berlin next year is under discussion. City and tourist sector representatives are reported to be in negotiations with an unnamed airline following initial discussions at a tourist fair in Belfast during the spring. Flights between Granada’s Federico García Lorca airport and Paris, Tenerife and Bilbao are scheduled to start in December. Road accidents One person died following a collision between a car and motorcycle on the A- 44 near Otura last month. The same stretch of Granada road also saw a lorry overturn, causing seven other vehicles to collide with one another after it blocked the carriageway. One person was injured. Drugs bust Málaga’s local police have confiscated over 1,000 doses of heroin and cocaine from a house in the El Perchel district after plain clothes officers observed the owner allegedly selling drugs on the street. The suspect fled when spotted, forcing the agents into a long pursuit on foot. When finally detained, he was found to be carrying 800 doses of heroin. Vélez tram back next summer, says mayor The Vélez-Málaga t []^H[BX[\XHH^[[Y\Xܙ[H۸&\X^[܈[ۚ[“[ܙ[\\H^\][B[XHK[[HXX][[YHHXۙ\KH K[Y]H^[[ۈHZ[^B][ۈX\\]Y]]\[[\XHYܙHH\[H\˜Y[ LHX^[܈ZYH\\[BZ][܈HYY][]\\[]]\HH[HB[[XXH\\H^H8 KBZ[[ۈ\]Z\YY\\B[\X\HX\Z[\\Y܈]\[YX\˂H\[\\[YHB]]YHوHۘ\[ۈ\][KX\]YHXX[ܝ\XH]Y[[^[ܜH[X\H][[ˈBZY^HYYH\]؜X\˜[[^\X]H][YB[XHH\\[\YX\\BY[Y Hۘ\[ۈ\]HH[XB\]\YH[[\B\[HܛYYH[[HܘY[ŠX[Y\[JK[ۜX[ۙ\[۝[[[Z[ ]HX[Y[Y[\[B[و[K\\]HZ\\\˂H\[H[Y[ؙ\ [[܈ H[Y]\]Y[Bۈ[\ˈۜX[ۈوB\ K[Y]\ݙ\8 BZ[[ۈ]\[HHXۙ [\Y\H8Z[[ۋ]\܈܂\[Y[ΈMMH M L ]Y[و[[XXx&\XXX[\XH]HH[HۙB[X\[XZH[\[Y[]Z\܈]B[X[[KH\Y[[L H܈H[Y\ۙ\XH\\Y]\[۝ X][MMH M L \H\\K[H[KH[[XX[X[\XH TH\Y[[[B[\ZYۈ\[وH[H[H\[۝ [ܙH[ \[و[\HZ[XYHۈH]›[X\[[ۙH[[H[X\XZ]\HY\YBY\[]\ۙ\\][ۘ[[Y\[[HوH]\˜[[XY ]\HT^\Z\YB[ؚ[HۙH\\H[M[\^HوXZ[Hܸ&\˜\[Y[ ] KZ[[ۈ[B[XYH][\Y] ]\]Z[XH™ۛY[\HH[Y\ۙ܈[[ؚ[HۙB\][\[\˂ۘH[[Y H]Y[8&\X[\[X\[YX\و\]\B[\Y [[H\HوH˜\Hݙ\ MYX\وYKZ\Y[]B[X\ H܈QJH܈\ܝ[X\\]H\[ܙY[[]ZXX\ۈ]\H\]˂\[\XZ[\[Y[B\ٙ\H[Hو\X[ B[]Y\X\˂\[Y[[[HXYHۋ[[BYY\Y]HT8'\X[ٙXK8'B[\T ˚[YX[[XXK\œ\X[[[^\[Y H܈H\][B[X[[H[\ۋ