Soltalk August 2017 - Page 50

CAS news Scruffs! Let the games begin. The Costa Animal Society (CAS) is pleased to announce that our annual dog show, Scruffs will be held on October 14 at the Plaza de España in Nerja from 12.00pm until 5.00pm. Guaranteed to be a wonderful afternoon (beneath the enormous tent), there will be prizes for 12 different categories, including Waggiest Tail and Best Rescue Dog. Food and beverages will be available along with several stalls offering a diverse selection of handicrafts. If you are interested in having a stall please ring Scott on 603 416 632. Why Chip? Aside from the fact that by law you must have your dog or cat chipped, here’s an interesting illustration of its importance. Little Juanito was found on the beach over the San Juan weekend and turned into the CAS Shop on June 24. We advertised the little tyke far and wide because he did not have a microchip and waited two weeks to give his owner a chance to reclaim him. In the second week Juanito was seen on the CAS website by a lovely Swedish couple who had just moved to Nerja. They fell in love with him so he was reserved for adoption. Marilyn Betty shell and are quite affectionate. They are seven months old, fully vaccinated and Betty has now been spayed. Marilyn was rescued by a 12 year old girl who saw the pup being kicked by some boys in a park. Unfortunately, when the girl brought the pup home her mother could not cope with Benji another pet to look after as they already had two dogs and a cat. Marilyn is now being housed in kennels until a more permanent home can be found. Juanito As fate would have it, Juanito’s original owner did come forward the very next day. When they were reunited it was clear how much they missed each other by the wagging tail and tears. This lovely young Spanish lady promised to have her little pup chipped in her name straight away. Our Featured Dog of the Month: Negri Negri is believed to have been born early 2012 and is similar to a black Labrador. He’s friendly, castrated and vaccinated and has obviously been a loving family pet. He’s bright, very trainable and gets on fine with other dogs and with children. Happy Tails On June 01 Aroa flew to Norway and started her new life with her Nordic adopted family. Her brother Adam went via ground transport to the UK on June 13 and quickly settled in with his new sister Mimi in the Bolton area. He does have low level leishmaniasis so is on daily Alopurinol which is cheap and easy to give. Not tested with cats but a really lovely, loving dog with lovely thick fur to nuzzle into. If you would like to meet Negri you can contact the Costa Animal Society (CAS) on 95 252 9670 or via our Facebook page, /casnerja. Their sister Agatha is still waiting for her flight to Norway and will join her forever family as soon as arrangements can be made. Probably joining Agatha on the same flight will be Flash, the young female lab cross, provided all her blood tests come back negative and she is fit to travel. Re YH܈Y[ۂ]H[[H\H\HY]\Y\\HY]T˜X[X\\\وH]\و]KZ\YHX[™[Y\Z\H]ZXH]\Hݙ[H\\HH]ۂHHYH[\H[[܈Z\ܙ]\Y\˂]\ۘH^H]ۛ[H^HYH]وZ\YܚB[H\HT]Z^HH[[X[Y]H[ZH^\\