Soltalk August 2017 - Page 48

BookTalk Book Talk with Smiffs book & card store, Nerja The Basque writer Dolores Redondo (pictured right) from Donostia-San Sebastián has been making waves throughout Europe with her atmospheric Baztán trilogy, set in that region of Spain and featuring detective inspector Amaia Salazar of the Policía Foral de Navarra. In a second successive month of Spain-themed books, we also flag up The Dead (p), a thriller by Mark Oldfield. Comandante Leopoldo Guzmán has decided it is time to disappear: Franco is in his grave and there is no place for the one-time head of the dead dictator’s secret police. Guzmán first needs money but, luckily, blackmail has always come easily to him – after all, he knows where the bodies are. So he should – he buried them. The first instalment, The Invisible Guardian, was published in Spain in 2013 and rights were sold in 30 languages. It was voted best crime novel of the year by leading Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. More than 600,000 readers of the The Invisible Guardian and its follow- up stories – The Legacy Of The Bones, and Offering To The Storm – made the trilogy one of Spain's biggest literary successes in recent years. Fifteen tangled corpses in a disused mine, and three bound skeletons in a sealed cellar, eventually lead forensic investigator Ana María Galindez to Guzmán decades after his disappeared. She fears his toxic legacy lives on. Her investigation has revealed a darkness born amid corruption and deprivation during the dictatorship, a conspiracy that after years in the shadows is finally ready to bloom. In the United Kingdom, The Invisible Guardian was shortlisted for the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association International Dagger award. A film adaptation is under development by the producer of both The Killing – the US crime drama TV series based on Danish television’s Forbrydelsen – and Stieg Larsson's Milennium Trilogy. The plight of migrants making the sometimes deadly crossing from Morocco to Spain provides the motivation for two other novels due this month. Offering To The Storm (l) is finally published in English, completing the trilogy’s availability in that language. In Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, Salazar is called in to investigate the death of a baby girl, and finds an ominous sign that points to murder. In the thriller The Forgotten Dead (p), Swedish journalist and writer Tove Alsterdal begins the story in Tarifa near Cádiz, where the body of a migrant washes up. No-one seems to care, but investigative journalist Patrick Cornwall is trying to uncover the plight of migrants trying to start new lives in Europe, and to expose the corruption that runs to the highest levels of society. The baby’s father was caught trying to run away with the body, whether from guilt or grief nobody is sure. When the grandmother tells police that the killer was the Inguma, an evil demon of Basque mythology that slays people in their sleep, Amaia is forced to return to the Baztán valley in the Spanish part of the Atlantic Pyrenees to find answers. His wife, Ally, is used to him being out of contact, but discovers that she is pregnant, and wants to track him down. Unable to reach him, and starting to worry, she flies across the ocean to get answers. Still unable to find him, Ally delves into the sec ɕ́Aɥ݅)ѕɵѼ͔)ɅݸѼٕȵ)ݕ%ѡɬչɉ)ɽݡɔٕ́ɔ)ѡɅѽ́ݥ) ݡɔЁѡѡ́ɐ͡)ѼݥѠЁɽȁаչٕ́)مхѥѠѡЁ́Ʌمѡم䁙ȁ啅̸)=ɥQQMѽɴ́ȁѕЁMх!ѱЁ)ѥѱ̰ͽѥɕ䁹ܰѡ́٥Ѽ͵ɉ)ɵЁȁѡЁѥȁɕՕͽѥ́ѕȁ)ѥЁɥиɔՔȁՉѥمɥ)ѕ́ѡ́ѠɱMѕȸQMх!ѱ)́ɕ́ѼՑЁȁɑɥ(