Soltalk August 2017 - Page 42

HealthTalk Doctor’s notes Dr Rik Heymans is a general practitioner in Nerja and writes on developments in the world of medicine Insects can be any substance—natural or synthetic—from a plant (such as soybeans or certain mycotoxins) or an industrial or agricultural chemical (such as a pesticide, bisphenol, dioxin,… ) that interferes in some way with the hormone regulation systems, thereby disturbing the balance within the body. An example of a natural endocrine disruptor with negative effects is genistein, which is found in soy. Resveratrol, the compound in tannin in good Bordeaux wines that is said to be an antioxidant and an anticancer agent, can in certain circumstances have beneficial effects. However, it interferes with the estrogenic system and other hormone receptors—so it’s an endocrine disruptor. You get the impression that there are endocrine disruptors everywhere—medications, foods, pesticides, etc. The concept of endocrine disruptors has revolutionized toxicology. It has shown that chronic exposure to very small amounts of a given substance (which is often lipophilic and accumulates in fatty tissues) can be harmful, even in small amounts, during certain periods of life; in particular, during high-risk periods of susceptibility, such as pregnancy, or early childhood. Insects comprise the largest and most diverse class of the animal kingdom and include numerous species of flies, fleas, bees, wasps, ants, lice, butterflies, moths, praying mantises, dragonflies, grasshoppers, true bugs, and beetles. Insects represent more than half of all known living organisms and potentially represent more than 90% of the differing life forms on Earth. Exposure to biting or stinging insects or to their remains can range in severity from benign (or barely noticeable), to life-threatening. As a general rule, infection is present only in a minority of cases, and antibiotic prophylaxis is not recommended. Topical antihistamines should not be applied over large surface areas - only on specific bite marks, and they should not be used concurrently with systemic antihistamines. For a large local reaction, ice packs may minimize swelling. Apply ice for no more than 15 minutes at a time using a cloth barrier between ice and skin to prevent a direct freezing injury to the skin. In many patients, the reaction is limited and t [ܝH][\X\\KH\]Z\[[ܝ[YH]Y[][Yۜ܈[\\وB\[ZX\ۜH܈[]YX[]H\ܞHو[X B[]Y[\[^\ˈY\[YH[H]YHYB[\\\[[H[ ][H[[ݙY [Y۝[[ۘ[XX[Y\Yܘ\[H[\]]Y]YY^[[XZ[[[HHH]Z[Y[H[[HX[K[[\H]\H۝X[ۂوH[۝[Y\Y\[\Z[[H[&X۝[˜\H]ZXH^]\Y [[YYX]H[[ݘ[\H[\ܝ[[\H[HY]و[[ݘ[\\[][ HXۙXZ[\XH\H\H\ܝ\ܜ\X\^HBH\Hؙ\]H\Y[ZXˈYH]HXYHH[]Y[[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ[ؙ\]NXYX[K]Y]XX˜ۜ\]Y[\%Y]XX[YH[XX]\ˈH[˜]Y[[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ[HY]XX\X\\ŠXX]\H\X]Y]ݙ\ZYXY\[ܙH[[ܙB؝[\˂H\\XHوX[ۈو\H\ܝ\ܜۘ\]\][š[HZ][\[[]\X\N\[ۈ\X\K]]\K\\X]]H[YK[ۋX[Hو\B[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ\H\Y\ܝ\ܜˈ[\ܙ^HHX[ۈو\Yܛ[ۙ\ۈZ\\][[Y[Z[[˂\HۈHH[ HXZ[\][\H[]Z]\[Y\\H[XZHHY[و]\[H[X\[[X۝Z[]\]\܈Y[[[]Y]\[Y][XK[[Z\[Z[HܙX[K[]\˜\Y[ۈ[[]X]HH\]][ۋ[H]HX\۸&]\H]ZXH܈ܙ\\[HY[HH܋]X[Y[][ۜ[H]Y\Y[^\H[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ‹H[[\\H\Y[Yۘ[Y[]\\šۛۈ\]]8&\\Y[X]\HوH[ܚ[B\ܝ\ܜ[ؘX\[\[K\X]XXXXšY\ۜ[YZ][H HY][[[ؘX\B\H[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ˂H]YX][\[\X۝Z[\[HZXܛ]BX]\H^H۝Z[\[ XHX][X\\[H []Yݙ\[H]\Xܘ\›XZH]X]\\\H\[Yۘ[K]8&\]\X]ܙ[XZ][Y]X\˂H۸&]Z[[\]\HXx&\H\[Yۘ[BX]\HZ[۝Z[[]\H[ܚ[B\ܝ\ܜ˂Hو\K۸&]\H\XY\܈[XXY\[[\\[H]Y[Y[[Yٝ[ˈX[H[]BH\X][][H܈]\YHBZ[[۝X]HY][ \\X][˜۝Z[\[K[Y][ۈYۘ[KH\[Hۈ[[˜[[\[Z\][Y[[[\]Y[ۂ[[\\K\Z[[ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜX\˜\[ [[\\H]\HYˈ\\۸&]Y[Bۛۋ]]8&\[\ܝ[ [ܚ[H\ܝ\܂H]8&ۘ\8&H\Y[\ܚXY [YH8'[ܚ[B\ܝ\ܸ'KH[\H[ۘ\HY[][ۈ\ΈH[ZX[][\\\]Hܛ[ۘ[\[KZ]\H[ܙX\[܂[HX[YX\Hوܛ[ۙ\܈[Z\YX˂HXX\H[\\[ۈ][ܚ[H\ܝ\ܜ\HۛB[\X[[ZX[]XX[HYH\H[[]\N]HRVSPS˜[\X\ \K[MH L B