Soltalk August 2017 - Page 40

Your stars for August Aries Leo Sagittarius You might make a major change at home, perhaps turn something upside down. Or you might indulge in a big family gathering. You may feel like you’re all over the map. Don’t fret. Eventually, one or two paths of action or interests will rise to the top and win your less scattered attention. Get busy! August may set your mind and heart ablaze with many ideas and desires that are just too hard to explain. Be creative but calm, and gain some insights into what matters most to you in life. Be open to surprises. People may expect you to fix things or problems that you certainly didn’t break or create. You will feel lucky and loved this month. You can resolve any number of issues. The smaller the loose ends, the more you can tie up. You can tackle some much bigger matters, though. Go for it. It’s hard to predict what or who will fascinate you the most, and that’s part of the fun. Taurus Virgo Capricorn Your friends may have trouble keeping up with you this month. There could be a desire to be more daring and outgoing, but happiness may be easier to find with the familiar close to home. Open a door to relatives who have been too busy or scattered to keep in touch. Your social life blazes this month. You might prefer the company of a few eccentric, inspired people, but get ready to be surrounded by social butterflies of all kinds. Have fun, but spend time alone doing things that matter to you. Strong emotional bonds can be formed now. Stay calm. It isn’t your fault, but love seeks you out this month. You may not feel ready, but it will do no good to run or hide. All this attention might make you nervous, but you could warm up to it. It may complicate your life but you can handle it. Gemini Libra Aquarius You’re in a moneymaking mood and you can see a lot of success. Someone else’s change of mood could create opportunities that let you show off how successful you can be. The month could set off a season of parties with friends who were hard to find earlier in the year. You’ll be the brightest star in your workplace this month. Your friends or family might feel uneasy about how conspicuous you’ve become. You will be at the heart of your social scene. Be prepared for people to admire you and treat you like the expert that you are. You could get some criticism or interference in how you live your life this month. Not to worry because you’re more than on top of it. Love bubbles over. It might be hard to deal with all the admirers and narrow it down to that one most attractive prospect. Lighten up. Cancer Scorpio Pisces You decide to get serious about love, even if you aren’t super interested or motivated. You could realise a new income stream. It won’t be clear or straightforward at first, but it will seem obvious once things begin to move. Feel happier about time spent at home. This month you feel deeply about the biggest and most distant of the world’s problems. You will even have some solutions that you can apply in your immediate neighbourhood. Be passionate globally and do good things locally. The stars highlight your career. Go for broke and follow your passion. Nothing will be able to stop you anyway. A big social event or invitation could come your way. The stars turn up your sensitivity and intuition. You could be more psychic, too. This could confuse you. Don’t be too eager for change. 38