Soltalk August 2017 - Page 23

News One dead in record temperatures One person died during last month’s heatwave which may have broken the all-time record for Spain’s highest air temperature. The previous record, set 23 years ago, is thought to have been beaten by just 0.1 Centigrade degree. station at Montoro, 45 kilometres to the north-east, is reported to have recorded 47.3° during the afternoon of the same day. This would be a new national record, although Aemet has yet to confirm the details. The fatal victim was a 54-year-old labourer in Sevilla who was with a gang resurfacing a road. His colleagues working on the A-406 in Morón de la Frontera called the emergency services around 9.00pm but on arrival, the medics could only confirm his death. The CCOO union has called for an enquiry, describing as “illogical” that anyone should be working with asphalt heated to 170° on a day when outdoor temperatures exceeded 40°. Whatever transpires however, the 46.9° reported at Códoba’s airport is a new record high for the province, beating the 46.6° recorded there on July 23, 1995. Temperatures of more than 40° were also recorded at six other Aemet stations last month, breaking or equalling their previous hottest days, including 43.5° at Granada airport and 44.4° in Jaén. The tragedy fell on last month’s hottest day, Thursday, July 13, when the previous record of 47.2° recorded in Murcia on July 4, 1994, was almost topped by a weather station of the State Meteorological Agnecy (Aemet) at Córdoba airport where the mercury peaked at 46.9°. However, a remote The incident replicates a previous occasion in 2011 when water was cut off for three months after a bill for €30,000 was unpaid. In both instances, residents managed to pull together at least part of the necessary funds to ensure reconnection but now want action taken to ensure there are no more repeats. Vélez Town Hall argues that the bills are justified because the La Esperanza urbanisation is a “private” development and that therefore maintenance bills must be paid in full by property owners. Water provider Aqualía says Three British men are in custody in Málaga after being caught trying to send a parcel containing three kilos of marihuana to London by courier. The suspects were seen acting suspiciously outside the courier company offices on the Alameda industrial estate and when two left their car to go inside with the package, officers pounced. Further quantities of drugs were discovered later at their homes. Case won The Hotel Antequera Golf has been ordered to re-employ a woman sacked in February 2016 after she defended five colleagues who had been dismissed. A Málaga court was told she was exercising her role as representative of the workforce but was then also dismissed. The hotel was also told to pay the woman’s lost wages, plus compensation, in a case supported by the CCOO union. Hospital upgrades According to Aemet, last month’s heatwave was “very intense” and “unusual,” although it has not been the longest or most widespread recorded in Spain. The longest was the 26 days of unrelenting heat in the summer of 2015, while in August 2012, 40 provinces were on alert simultaneously, with 20 described as being at extreme risk. €10,000 a month for water An urbanisation in Benajarafe is at war with Vélez-Málaga Town Hall over residents’ water bills. In the middle of June, the 123 properties on La Esperanze urbanisation were without supplies for five days after owners failed to pay a collective bill of €45,000. Brits detained the bills are so high because of the poor state of the supply network in the 60-year-old development which is resulting in up to 75 per cent of water being lost through leaks and faults. Residents say that, on average, the urbanisation is charged about €10,000 per month for water, which works out at over €90 per property. Compared with other homes in the municipality which pay no more than €20 monthly, they describe the difference as “an outrage.” Vélez Town Hall has told them that the only solution is a complete renewal of the infrastructure which would cost them between €2.5 and €3 million. However, residents argue that the town hall is happy to accept their payments for IBI, rubbish collection and garage taxes, but does not offer them the same rights as others in the municipality in return. 21 Work has started on upgrading 18 bedrooms at the Hospital Comarcal in Vélez-Málaga. The project includes adapting bathrooms for use by patients with reduced mobility, as well as the installation of new TVs, telephones and wi-fi. The walls of common areas are also being covered with synthetic materials designed for hospita W6Rv6f6ƗFFW0&WGFW"6Vrv7F'0'&F6Eb7&Wr2&VV\;:6 FfBWB&WB7V"G&6g'V@7VFfF'F7V"GFVFv2@FFRvv62CזV"7F'FR&VvVFRFVf6FVBVW&f6v62&V6R&VfW&V6RBf"FRg'VN( 0FWfVVBFRfFvRv&R6vখ6VN( 2( 7WW&fB( ФVFGg&7BFG&FFGW&7@&V6W2RW&6&W6'Bv6FFP&6FFRFRbg&6vvW &RFW&FVB6VG&FVF"0WFvVB( 6WFRVFG( rvF&W6W'fr7BFR6G2&Fr&W0rFR6Vg&BƗ7FVrFVBW60BFrWG2FG2&V6W2bv6&6fRbWF(*sS