Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 22

News Cars auctioned Two Ferraris, gifted to King Juan Carlos by the UAE in 2011, have been sold at auction after his son King Felipe ordered extravagant gifts to be donated to the national heritage. Last month, the vehicles went for €201,555 and €242,287 to a car dealership and a private buyer. They were offered at auction in November 2015 for over €300,000 each but did not sell. Body found The body of a missing 80-year-old man was found in Torre del Mar last month. He had disappeared after going for a walk prompting a search by 30 volunteers. His body was discovered close to the Hospital Comarcal and his death is being attributed to natural causes. Fire shifts Málaga Town Hall is investigating ways of amending the shift patterns of its municipal fire crews. Staff presently work a 24-hour shift followed by three days off, and some time ago, discussions opened on operating 12-hour shifts instead. Now, it is being suggested to the trades unions that, like the local police force, fire fighters should work an eight- hour shift pattern. More deaths The number of deaths from traffic accidents on Spanish roads rose for the third consecutive year in 2016. The total of 1,810 was 7% more than in the previous year, the highest year-on-year increase since 1998. However, Tráfico says Spain, with a rate of 39 road deaths per million population, remains in the top five European countries with the smallest totals. French demo French farmers have been denounced by Madrid after a load of peaches was dumped outside the Spanish consul’s office in Perpiñán last month. The official complaint described the move as an, “unacceptable act of pressure and a threat to the free exercise of consular functions.” The protest by farmers and vineyard owners saw a French flag symbolically placed on top of the fruit. Workplace accident A man who became trapped by the legs while servicing a lift in Rincón de la Victoria last month was rescued by emergency services. The call for help went out from a building in avenida del Mediterráneo after he got caught up in the mechanism. He was taken to hospital in Málaga for treatment to his injuries. Spain warned of migrant crisis ahead There are fears that Spain may become the next Italy, where at least 85,000 migrants have swamped the authorities so far this year. The warning came from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) last month which is predicting arrivals in Spain from north Africa are heading for twice last year’s total. The Agency says that the Italian route is the most used with 59,000 migrants recorded between January and May, but adds that the more westerly Spanish route recorded 6,800, which is 75 per cent more than in the same period last year. In June, the number of arrivals, mainly from Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia and Cameroon, who made it to the coast of Andalucía was four times more than in June 2016. The Agency says that the Spanish route is becoming preferable to migrants because, by passing through Morocco, they can avoid Libya from where reports of beatings, detentions and sexual abuse have emerged. Spain’s peak year for migrant arrivals from the south was 2006 when 39,180 made it across the Mediterranean. But while official Government data show an annual average between 2010 and 2016 of just under 5,000, the Agency is predicting that this will more than double to 11,000 this year. However, it also warns that Spain is unprepared for handling vulnerable groups who should be subject to asylum procedures. The UNHCR in Spain says, “What started happening elsewhere in Europe in 2015 cannot be allowed to happen here.” More over-65s Brits living in Spain The number of British nationals aged over 65 who are living in Spain has more than doubled in a decade. New research shows there are over twice as many British pensioners in Spain, than there are Spanish pensioners in the UK. A joint study, carried out by the National Statistics Offices of the two countries, says at the time of the U &\œY\[[HۈUHY[X\\HYX\Y\H\H M ]\]^[YY[][[Z[܈[ܙH[ L[۝[HHR\YH[]\YHو LM [\][ۘ[]Y[ L[ MKH\ܝ\\وH\\YH]H[X\]H\\Y[قH]\[][ۈ[\P˜[Y\ZXYو^] H]]ܜ^HH\و]ۜ›ݙ\ H[Z[\ܛ[\YH[ۜ]]\ \[وB]\^ \][][ۈ[B[KH[\XY LK [B\[YX\[HHRŒݙ\Y[8&\[[ۜ\\Y[^\ L و[H\HXZ][B]\[[ۋ]\H\ܝY][\][ۘ[][[HRܛHH]X[[\ܛ\]\[[BLM YY]Y[ [ HYX\˂[[ \[ܚ[H[YX][ۋX[ [[H[]\[]ۛH]H\[Y\\Y\[[\YY Xܙ[BHYY]\[X[\\Y\[]\\[[KH[H]Y]B[\\]\H]YHٙXH]H[[Y\XHY\\Y YܙY\YH YܙY\Y\[B][\Xܙ܈H[۝ B][XX[ٙ[XXH[]\YXܙY]K]H\Y\XB[\\]\H[Z[\[[H\H YܙY\XܙYٙ\YۘK[ܙH]ۂYH