Soltalk August 2017 - Page 20

News Domestic arrest Local police in Málaga have detained a 51-year-old man who threatened his wife with knife and burned her clothes in the street last month. The victim and her 12- year-old daughter called for help from a neighbour’s house. She later played officers recordings made on her mobile phone in which the suspect can be heard saying he would kill her. Heatstroke suspect A two-year-old from Vélez-Málaga was admitted to hospital last month suffering from symptoms of heatstroke. The girl was with her family on the beach at Torre del Mar when her skin turned red and she began to sweat profusely. She was admitted to a paediatric ward for observation but is reported to have made a full recovery. Shirts required Málaga’s hostelry sector is calling for “proper clothing” to be worn during the city’s annual fair in August. They say they want to maintain the essence particularly of the daytime events in the historic city centre. The main target of the campaign is those men who go shirtless in areas which are well away from the beaches. Test disruption Driving test examiners, already staging a series of stoppages, say they will strike indefinitely throughout September. At least 31,000 tests have already been cancelled as a result of their action. The examiners’ association has blamed “breaches and deceptions” on the part of their employer, Tráfico, during negotiations over their pay demands. Super supermarket Mercadona has been praised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers as, “an example of innovation and excellent employment.” Their report, published in the Harvard Business Review, says the supermarket chain uses technology to “complement” staff roles rather than replace them. It adds the policy has helped Mercadona to remain, “focussed largely on the customers.” Feria assaults A French national has been jailed for eight months for assaulting a woman during last month’s San Fermín celebrations in Pamplona. A Navarra court found him guilty of an offence by touching her in a bar and ordered him to pay her €500 compensation. A second French man was fined €240 on a lesser assault charge and ordered to pay his victim €400 compensation. Roller coaster accident in Madrid – 33 injured Over 30 people were injured in an accident at an amusement park in Madrid last month. The majority are reported to have been minors, six of whom were under ten years of age. The incident happened on a roller coaster at the Parque de Atracciones when one train which had completed the ride ran into the back of another which was waiting to depart. Witnesses said how the first was travelling at speed when it crashed into the second. The ride, known as the ‘TNT Tren de La Mina,’ reaches a height of 17.5 metres and runs through waterfalls at speed of up to 55 kph. It is also the first in Spain on which riders over 12 years old can choose to wear virtual reality headsets for an interactive experience, meaning that some of those on the trains would have been unaware that a crash was imminent. The majority of injuries are reported to have been light, including sy ѽ)ݡ͠եͥѼѡ٥́)͡饹̰ѡ՝)ѡ́ɕݕɔхѼх)Q9PQɕ15)ȁɕѵиQ͔ѡ)Ё́չȁٕѥѥ)ѡ՝хѕЁɽѡAՔ)Ʌ́ͅѡЁѡɥ)͕qɽϊt́ͅ)̰ѡЁѡɅѥe)Ʌѽȁ́䁕ɥ)QQ9PQɕ15)ѡɬ5эȸ%Ё͕́)ѡɅ́ݡݕɔ͕ѼɅ)́ѡѡɸɥ)ɕѡչ)Q啅ȵЁ)7)17ݕɔѼ)ѡչȁɬ )ЀĸЁѠѕȁݽɭȁ)ѡ䁉ɹЁ)ѕ啅ȵ䁱ͥȸ)!ݕٕȰѡéɕѥٕ́ѕ)Ʌѕȁѡ)ٕ)=́չѡ䁍她)͡ѥձЁЁЁѡ)Ё݅́ѥɕͥ݅ɴ)ͥѡٕݥѠѡͥ)ѕɅɔɕ䁅Ѐ Q)ɽݥ܁ѡȁͼѡЁѡ)ձЁѼѡɕ͠ȁ)Q݅́ɕѕѼ)ݕѥ٥䁅͡ݥͥ́)ɅѥЁեɕٕɕ)Qȁɭѡ()ȁѡȁɬȁѡɕՅѕ)ȁݡѡѕٕ)Ёѡ䁡Ѽ݅Ёѡȁ)ɔѡٕϊdݹ́ɕɹ)Qݕɔɕѡ(̰ѡéɅɕ̰)ɅɕѡЁѡ䁡Ё)ȁЁݼ́ݡѡ٥ͥѕ)ѡAͼ5͕մ)QѼ٥͔ѡ)ЁѼѡɽ͕ѽȁݡݥ)ݡѡȁȁЁѼՔ)ɝѕɅ䁍)и!ݕٕȰѡ)Ʌɕ́ɔɕѕѼٔ)ٕ͕ЁݥѠ́ѡЁݥ)ѡȁȁɽє)Ʌ́ѡЁЁ݅́ͅ)ȁѡݕɔѡ