SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 8, Issue 1 - Page 4

Civil Affairs in Stability Operations TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD Pg. 1 “QUICK LOOK” (Preview of the Lessons) 4 Lesson Report 5 1. Introduction 5 2. Lessons 6 A. Consolidating Gains (A Historical Perspective) COL(R) Dennis J. Cahill B. Making Civil Affairs (CA) an Integral Part of the Army Team COL Jay Liddick C. Army Reserve Engagement Cell Civil Affairs Exercise Planner LTC Adam Martin D. Ensuring Multi-National Military Coordination Center Forces are Ready for Next HA/DR Event – Lesson from the 2016 RIMPAC Exercise 6 10 12 14 COL Blaise Zandoli, LTC Scott Moore, & 1LT Ryan Garcia E. Interagency Partnership Center in Mogadishu, Somalia CPT Aleksandr Restrepo F. Civilian Dislocation Related to Iraqi Security Forces Operations in Mosul (Oct 2016 – Feb 2017) 16 18 LCDR James LeFevre 3. Conclusion 24 4. Command POC 24 Annex A. Additional Civil Affairs Lessons in SOLLIMS 25 Annex B. CA-Related RESOURCES & REFERENCES 26 Annex C. Organizational History & Structure of U.S. Army CA 27 Annex D. Previously Published SOLLIMS Samplers 28 Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 3 of 28