SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 8, Issue 1 - Page 14

support the mission/exercise. Emphasis must be placed on the readiness value to the unit. 2. Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs) should include the participation of a CA planner during exercise planning conferences. 3. Provide an exercise packet to the Army Reserve unit tasked to participate in an exercise well in advance, to facilitate its preparedness for, and value to, the exercise. Implications. If the JTIMS and ARTIMS lines aren’t properly submitted, the Army Reserve will not source the exercise. If the CA planner doesn’t attend the planning conferences, the training value for the CA Soldiers will be much lower. If a packet isn’t sent to the Army Reserve unit, it won’t be well prepared for the exercise and won’t provide the value expected by the lead exercise planners. This could lead to the planners not including CA in future iterations of the exercise. Event Description. This lesson is based on personal experience performing duties as an exercise planner for United Accord 2017. Lesson Author: LTC Adam Martin, AREC/G9, US Army Africa ________________________________________________________________ Vicenza, Italy (28 September 2015) Maj. Gen. Tracy A. Thompson (center), commander for 412 th Theater Engineer Command, discusses the current state of the Army Reserve Engagement Cell program and AREC teams assigned to U.S. Army Africa. (Photo Credit: Pfc. Craig Philbrick, U.S. Army Africa / (U.S. Army Africa photo by Sgt. Lance Pounds) Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 13 of 28