SOLLIMS Sampler Volume 8, Issue 1 - Page 13

C. TOPIC. Army Reserve Engagement Cell Civil Affairs Exercise Planner (2571) Observation. An Army Reserve Engagement Cell (AREC) Civil Affairs (CA) planner must get involved as early as possible in the exercise planning process. Discussion. Establishing Civil Affairs (CA) support to exercises is a challenge. Overcoming preconceived notions of what CA does and convincing the lead exercise planners of the value of CA in an exercise is the first step in establishing effective support. After establishing a positive value to CA support, getting the administrative work complete to build and validate a requirement is also a challenge. Finding, formatting and typing the requirements so the lead planners can cut and paste into the Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS) and the Army Training Information Management System (ARTIMS) databases is the easiest way to ensure the submission of proper information. Following the establishment of the requirement, participation in H[]X[[[ۙ\[H[ZY[[ۙ\[H\[\ܝ[\X\\][^][ۈوHHܘ\\[H^\\K]]HH[\H\Y[X[H^\\H[H[Z[HXHH\\Y\ۜH[HZ[[]YY[K[]YXܙ MHKˈ\^HYXH TTQH^\\H[[K\B\[\HZ[[\]Z\[Y[[\X][[X[JHؚX]\\HY] \\[\[[X[[[YY][˜]HHY[YH[]X[\]Z\[Y[[[][H[HST]B\K[[Y[[\\\\[X[[\HH[\\\B\H\X[]YHXY^\\H[\ˈHXY[\܈XX^\\H\X[H]H]X^\Y[H]][YZ\^B\XX]H\\[Hܚ][\H\\ܚ\[ۈو\X[]Y\YYY܂H^\\K[[K[\[[\ܙX]HH\[X]܈B\X\][\^H\\HY\]H[H[Y[ܛX][ۈBX\ٝ[[^H^X]KX[Y[][ۋK\\HHST[TST]H\ܚXH^XH]\YYY܂Tܘ\[X[ ԔJH\H\^H\\H][YZ\[]•XHو۝[]ZX۝XBYH Lو