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police functions during all stability operations. These tasks require a high level of skill and robustness as they include public order management tasks such as riot control, the enforcement of curfews and checkpoints, and the general protection of the population against armed gangs. Formed units of para-military police, such as the French Gendarmerie or Italian Carabinieri, are normally better suited for this role than conventional military forces because the former are trained to deal with public order issues and the application of force.” (Wither and Schroeter, p. 3) - “Perhaps MP teams should have gone along with the infantry during the initial process of clearing the cities, then stayed behind to maintain law and order, says Sergeant Major Banks of the 7th MPs. ‘In a low-intensity conflict, you need more MPs than you do infantry, because the MPs can fight as infantry, then they can stay on to reconstruct.’ In Operation Just Cause, ‘There just weren’t enough MPs,’ he says. ‘They were just scattered to the wind,’ especially in the more populous western region of Panama.” (Donnelly et al, p. 376) Sources: 1. Primary reference: “Lessons Learned from U.S. Government Law Enforcement in International Operations,” by Dilshika Jayamaha et al, PKSOI, December 2010. 2. Other references:     “Panama, 1988-1990: The Disconnect between Combat and Stability Operations,” by Lawrence Yates, Ph.D., in Military Review, May-June 2005 “Operations ‘Just Cause’ and ‘Promote Liberty’: The Implications of Military Operations Other Than War,” by Major William J. Conley, Jr., USMC Command and Staff College, 1 April 2001 “Police Primacy: The Challenges of Developing Host Nation Police Capacity on Stability Operations,” by James Wither and Thilo Schroeter, the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, May 2012 “Operation Just Cause: The Storming of Panama,” by Thomas Donnelly et al, Lexington Books, 1991 Panamanian citizen with Just Cause banner. U.S. Army Soldiers / M-113 in Panama City. Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 9 of 36