SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 9

- On 17 February, the fencing along the eastern perimeter was ripped open near Block P, a Dinka area in Sector 2, less than 10 meters from an UNMISS sentry post. UNMISS failed to repair the fencing. - When the rock throwing and other small-scale violence broke out between the Dinka and Shilluk youth in the evening of 17 February, UNMISS – to its credit – deployed both the FPU and the Quick Response Force (QRF) to the area between Sectors 1 and 2; the situation briefly calmed. - However, fighting resumed around 10:30 p.m. within Sector 2. Starting with rocks, spears, and machetes, the situation quickly deteriorated, as people from the Dinka side of the camp began to open fire with guns and grenades. There were casualties on both sides. After midnight, a fire was started in the corner of Block W, consuming several shelters and a restaurant in the Nuer section of the camp. UNMISS did not engage to stop the violence. - By 3 a.m. on 18 February, fighting had subsided within the camp. When the situation was then quie Bf"rW'2gFW'v&G2F2vVBfR&VV'GVRFRf"Tԕ52F6''WB6W'F7FfFW2F&WfV@gW'FW"fV6R( 27V626W'Frf&6R6FR6V7F""G&ƖrFP6V7F'2&W&rFRfV6RBFrFƷ2vFE6VGVFW'0B6WF&FW2WBTԕ52fVBFFR7FBTԕ506W'FVB&VB&W6V6R6V7F""7V67F6VBfRFVFǐWBfvFW'2g&w&W2g&V6rFW"&VBbfV6RB#Tԕ526VG&W2&W'FVBFBFW&RvW&R56FW'076rWG6FRV( Ɩ5Vf&2( 66VVFR&WfW2v@WG6FRFRW&WFW"VFW&VBFR'&V6FRfV6r&WGvVV#BfvFrFV&W7VVBBWfVw&VFW"FV6GFFP&WfW2vBFfvFW'2BV( Ɩ5Vf&>( &vV@7&72FR6f"6WfW&W'2f&r6fƖ2B'W&rW0VW"B6V6V7F2GvVF&6Ɩ72BFW"7G'V7GW&W2Tԕ52f&6W26FVVBF6B&WGvVV6V7F'2B"( 2FW7FRFPf7BFBfvFrv266VG&FVB6FR6V7F""vVFRV( 5Vf&>( VFW&VBFR26FR&WGvVV#BFW6G2bE27G&VVBFv&B6&ƖRvFRVff'@FvWBF&VvW&RFWfVBFWvVB&R6fW"vWfW"Tԕ50WB6&ƖRvFR66VB6VFr'6FrFF&V7Fǒ&VBB6fƖ>( FW7W&Fw&WrFWVFVBFRvFRB&VvvVBF&PWBF&Vv6Ɩ&VBfW"FRfV6RB7VffW&VBW&W2g&FP&&&VBv&RFRE2FVW6VBV6&ƖRvFRg&FR6FRR6VB6( vFF( BTԕ52FR7FFV6&ƖRvFR@G'F6G&FRfrbE3( ХF&Rb6FVG2V66F7B4vRb3`