SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 5

“QUICK LOOK” (Preview of the Lessons) Click on [Read More ...] to go to full lesson. - Leadership failure – by UN peacekeeping leaders with responsibility for the Malakal Protection of Civilians (POC) site, South Sudan in February 2016 – was a contributory factor to spoilers’ gaining access to this UN site and the resultant deaths of civilians and destruction of property. [Read More ...] - Security Sector Reform (SSR) and Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reinte- gration (DDR) actions launched in Liberia at its “golden hour” (mid-2003 to 2005) were absolutely critical for post-conflict recovery and for establishing a viable foundation for further stabilization work. [Read More ...] - Certain leader attributes prominently stand out as “keys to success” – frequently cited in strategic leader assessments and lesson reports from recent peace- keeping and stability operations. Those attributes are: visioning, mapping the environment, cross-cultural savvy, interpersonal maturity, unity of effort and purpose, strategic communication, and determination toward the vision. [Read More ...] - During the 2010 earthquake relief operation in Haiti, a myriad of organizations carried out disaster relief roles,… JTF-Haiti took a lead role in organizing and synchronizing a large part of subsequent (post-emergency) relief efforts through a number of innovations in partnering, coordinating, communicating, and building unity of effort among the participating organizations. [Read More ...] - Leadership on UN peacekeeping missions – with troops from many different nations and cultures – presents an array of challenges for commanders, as experienced by a Polish officer assigned to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). His advice for becoming an “inter-culturally effe ]HXY\'N[Yܘ]HY\[\YHY\[\[\]HY\[\˂ԙXY[ܙH BBZ[]\HXY\[ [\Y[K[\ݙ\Y[[[][[][ۘ[ RSJB\\\[\Z\Y[Xܙ[]HXY\]\[H[\[H\[[ۜ[ؚX]\[\ZYۈ[ۜZ[[Z]][ۜ\\\]X][Y[[\[[ܚ]Y\وXX۝X][ܙ[^][ۋ[ܙ\[H\X\[^]][Y[[YYYX[ۋԙXY[ܙH BXHو۝[]ZX۝XBYH و