SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 36

Annex C Additional References, Lessons, and Articles [Ensure you are logged in to SOLLIMS to access these items]  “CALL Newsletter 10-46: Complex Operations,” Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL), June 2010  “The Challenge of Leadership in the Interagency Environment,” William J. Davis, Jr., Military Review, September-October 2010  “Civil-Military Leaders’ Workshop 2015 – Insights Paper,” Australian Civil- Military Centre (ACMC), June 2015  “Commander’s Moral Obligation to Protect Civilians,” SOLLIMS Lesson 1320, David Mosinski, 20 February 2014  “Defining Command, Leadership, and Management Success Factors within Stability Operations,” Dave Fielder, PKSOI Papers, June 2011  “Leadership Gaps Diminish Protection of Civilians (POC) Mandate Implemen- tation by UNMISS,” SOLLIMS Lesson 2551, Katrina Gehman, 2 Feb 2017  “Leading Together,” a leadership film, ACMC, 30 March 2017  “Leading United Nations Peace Operations,” Maj. Gen. (Ret) Robert Gordon, 16 February 2017  “Stability Operations in Haiti 2010: A Case Study,” Emma Vialpando, PKSOI Papers, 31 March 2017  “Strategic Leadership Competencies for Peacekeeping Operations,” Lieutenant Colonel Wilson Mendes Lauria (Brazilian Army), April 2009  “Strategic Leadership Primer,” 3rd edition, edited by Colonel (Ret) Stephen J. Gerras, U.S. Army War College, 2010  “Strategic Leadership for Transition,” Colonel Bryan A. Groves, in “Transitions: Issues, Challenges and Solutions in International Assistance,” edited by Harry R. Yarger, PKSOI conference report, 18 August 2011  “Strengthening the Selection, Preparation, Support and Appraisal of Senior Leadership in Peace Operations,” Dr. Jibecke Joensson, 8 March 2017  “Unity of Effort Framework Solution Guide,” Joint Staff J7, 31 August 2013  “Working Together in the Field for Effective Humanitarian Response,” L. Saavedra and P. Knox-Clarke, Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP)/Overseas Development Institute (ODI), 13 February 2015 Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 35 of 36