SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 35

Annex B Top Ten Observations from Operation Unified Response (2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief) 1) Respond quickly and effectively. 2) Protect the people always. 3) Build partnerships with key players. 4) Coordinate and collaborate to achieve unity of effort. 5) Communicate – Communicate – Communicate. 6) Support the lead f VFW&vV7vF6V&ǒFVfVB&W2rVg&f&R&W6W&6W2Ff&FRBF6f&6Rࣂ6VFRFR7BFvfW&VB2V6276&R࣒v&66VǒvFFRTVF&6VGF6FR6VvW2vFFW&ǒF76VBW'62E26W&6S( DrVV( 2F'6W'fF2g&W&FVfVB&W76R( ФDrVVVR2&גrV'#F&Rb6FVG2V66F7B4vR3Bb3