SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 34

Annex A 10 th ILLC Focus Areas Focus Areas Four Focus Areas were selected by the host to fully utilize the information and lessons sharing during the 10 th ILLC, 15-18 May 2017. To maximize the four themes, a further 20 topics have been provided (listed below) to concentrate the presenters’ discussions and maximize the knowledge-sharing experience. 1. Leadership in Crisis and Complex Operations       What does right look like? Moral and ethical decisions that are critical to operational success. Current operations – understanding decisive change. Impulse decision-making vs. preparation and repetition. Knowledge Management – It is more than just information sharing. Understanding different leadership modules and decision-making processes from our Coalition Partners and other agencies. Is enough being done to develop our junior leaders? 2. Defense Engagement      Planning and understanding Defense Engagement. Capacity Building – What does excellence look like? Sharing lessons from Capacity Building. Soft skills critical to Defense Engagement. The role of women in Defense Engagement. 3. Working in an Interagency Environment     Planning and understanding the environment. Knowledge Management and information-sharing. Success factors of working in an Interagency environment. Utilizing innovation and adaptable practices. 4. Red Teaming (Enhancing our Critical Thinkers)      What do the leaders of the future look like? Growing critical thinkers vs. recruiting critical thinkers. Enhancing innovation and creative minds. Do critical thinkers make better leaders? The role of emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and cognitive intelligence quotient (CQ) within Critical Thinking. Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 33 of 36