SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 30

made aware of, or introduced to, a single representative from the PRT. In fact, our perceptions and understandings of the PRT at this point mirrored those of the battalion we were replacing, because their perspective was the only perspective we had, and it wasn’t a positive one. We didn't meet a single representative from the PRT for nearly four months after the completion of our RIP, and the first introduction of a single member was merely to provide the agriculture represen- tative with a security patrol, so that he could inspect a grain project within our AO. Over the next month or so, our only interactions with the PRT were through project inspection security patrols, and these were limited to the platoon level. PRT representatives would fly to our outlying forward operating base (FOB), be met on the helicopter landing zone (HLZ) by one of our platoon leaders, and then they’d depart for the inspection after a short patrol brief. Once the inspection was complete, the platoon leader would ensure the PRT representative was safely onboard his/her return flight, and then the platoon leader would submit his patrol outbrief to the battalion operations officer. Our battalion received no official outbrief from either our brigade or the PRT with regards to the support provided or the project inspected. At t \[[H\[ HۛHYY BXx&YXZ]H\YH]ۈXY\ݚYYHX\]H[[YYH\\[]]K\\][[ۈY[[\[[\S\H\\[]]\[BYYو\[[XKHY[XZ][][Y[ڙX\]Y\Y\YYK[Zۛۜ\YH\وHڙX\]Y\šYH]YYH܈\ݘ[[YYXˈ\\ۉۛۂ܈[X\]Y[[HY[ZX[ڙXX]\H^H[\YؚX]\[][Y[ڙXH\Z]\XY[܈][[˂\H\[و\][[ۉ\][ۈ]H ݙ\Y[\S[HX]HYY]XX[HYY][Xܘ]H]Y[X\وB \][[ۈ[X[\[X[YHYY][]\\[]]\B\Y[ۉ \H\[ ]\][[ۈX\H N[۝[H[\[H\[[ۜ[ؚX]\[\ZYۈ[ۜZ[[Z]][ۜ\\\]X][Y[[\[[ܚ]Y\وXX][Y[۝X][ܙ[^][ۂ][\S[[\[[ݚYK[ \ݙH܈\ܝ\][Y[Yܝˈ]8&\ܝ[]\][[ۈ\Y\\YYx&\™X\]HYܝ܈\\\[[[\ܝ [Y\YYH\˜\]YY܈][X[H\X\[8']YZx'H]Y\™][Y[[YYYX[ۋ][]HY[X\\Y]XX\Y\X[Y[][ۜ˂KۙXH[ X[Y RSH[][[]\[\][ۜ[[[Y[BɒJHYY[XX[YHH]ܙ[^][ۈ܈\ܘH H\Y]\܈\XY][HXYX\XHو\][ۈ܈Y[ۋHYY[[[YHH[]HZ[[][NXXܙ[^][ۉ\[[ۜ[XHو۝[]ZX۝XBYH Hو