SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 26

7. Examine how best to integrate and support the NGOs and public/private sector in support of humanitarian assistance/foreign disaster relief. (Consider integra- tion in both assessment teams and response teams.) 8. Tackle the internally displaced persons challenge immediately. (Identify IDP issues and develop appropriate solutions.) Implications. If a disaster response framework is not developed to accommodate a “whole of international community” approach, and if exercises (involving U.S. agencies, partner nations, and the UN) are not conducted to clarify and develop relation- ships and to refine processes and systems, then USAID, DoD, State and others will &R'VFr7W'BB2W"&FW"F77FVF2&7F6V@W"FV6ǒFVƗfW"BVff6VFǒ7W7F&VƖVbFF67FW"f7F2WfVBFW67&FF2'6W'fF2&6VBFR'F6R$f&VvF67FW"&W76S@F6f&6RԆF'6W'fF2"'ƖWWFVBvVW&VVV@ƖWWFVB6V2GFWrrVVFvR6&W2rBVfW"शWR2&ג֖ƗF'&WfWrfV&W"FV6V&W"#6VG2&VFVB'F6Rv6F67W76W2FRW6RbWrV676fVBf&F77FV2F&fRf&F6&rBvVVBGW&rF67FW"&VƖV`W&F22( ĆFV'FVS'&VrWrw&VBFRVF&खf&FG66R( R2FW'FVBb7FFRVF&f&FVBVǒ#6VR4Ĕ2W763cf"'F6RBǗ62rf&VFBDrVVVFƲvFFR6VFW"bFR6VW&'@֖ƗF&RE6'BR&6RFFR2g&6#F&Rb6FVG2V66F7B4vR#Rb3`