SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 22

USNS Comfort, equipped with surgical operating teams and orthopedic surgeons, arrived and began conducting round-the-clock medical support. Because of the rapid deployment of the DoD Global Response Force, JTF-Haiti helped avert a major food and water crisis. Although more than 230,000 people died from the earthquake, the abundant and superior medical assistance provided by the U.S. military and the international community saved thousands of lives. From the outset, JTF-Haiti planners and leaders worked alongside counterparts from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), USAID, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Together they developed plans for protecting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in makeshift camp – who were at great risk of further disaster due to the impending hurricane season and potential flooding. In February and early March, JTF-Haiti elements conducted compre- hensive infrastructure assessments and then executed engineering projects – with the UN and NGOs – to mitigate the risk and reduce the number of people requiring relocation. Then, from mid-March through mid-May, JTF-Haiti supported the Haitian government, UN, USAID, and NGO partners by relocating IDPs from sites still at risk to transitional resettlement sites. JTF-Haiti's Maritime Component Command, comprised of the 22nd and 24th Marine Expeditionary Units, conducted relief missions outside Port-au-Prince, to the west and to the north. Using the flexibility inherent in amphibious forces, these units brought relief to thousands of Haitians in the outlying regions. Although the deployment of U.S. military forces and U.S. resources was quick and effective, it was not always ef f6VBFR7B6vf6B6VvRFFPR2֖ƗF'( 2BFFRFW&F6VG( 2v2v7F72F&VR7V6f0&V2&W6VFVB"6VvW2FDbԆFw2v7F6W&F2FF6R`FRFW&FW'2+r( Ė6WFR6GVFv&VW7>( BFRWG6WBFRBFff7V@FFWFW&֖R&WV&VVG2B&&FW2f"&fFr&VƖVb@FVƗfW&r7WƖW2+rFR( 6bVfVBBFVw&FVBv7F726BB6G&7G'V7GW&^( VBFv2&V6WF7FvrBfVVBbf&6W2WVVBB7WƖW2FFv7F727Ffg2vW&RBv0v&Rb֖ƗF'7FfFW2B6&v2+rFR( ƖF&VƖ6RFRR6vR''N( FW76BWfW'GW&PFW&F''Bf"F&VvWB7&VFVBFRVVBFfƖFFR@&&FRfƖvG26VFrFW&FfƖvG2FV7W&RFBǐFR7B7&F66&vFVBF&Rb6FVG2V66F7B4vR#b3