SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 2

FOREWORD Welcome to the May 2017 Special Edition of the Stability Operations Lessons Learned and Information Management System (SOLLIMS) Lessons Learned “Sampler” – Leadership in Crisis and Complex Operations. This publication has been prepared to coincide with the 10 th International Lessons Learned Conference (10 th ILLC), hosted by the New Zealand Army in Queenstown, New Zealand, 15-18 May 2017. Specifically, the lesson report within this “Sampler” aligns with one of the ILLC focus areas, namely “Leadership in Crisis and Complex Operations.” The general structure of the “Sampler” consists of: (1) Table of Contents, (2) “Quick Look” that provides a short description of the lessons and links to the full text, (3) Introduction providing background and context, (4) Lessons, and (5) links to additional references, lessons, and articles related to the topic and its issues. This lessons-learned compendium contains just a sample – thus the title of “Sampler” – of the observations, insights, and lessons related to Leadership in Crisis and Complex Operations available in the SOLLIMS data repository. These lessons are worth sharing not just with military commanders and their staffs, but also with civilian leaders and practitioners – those currently deployed on stability operations, those planning to deploy, key personnel involved in pre- deployment preparation/training/education, policy-makers, and international civilian and military leaders at the national and theater level. Lesson Format. Each lesson is provided in the following standard format: - Title/Topic - Observation - Discussion - Recommendations - Implications (optional) - Event Description The “Event Description” section provides context in that it identifies the source or event from which the lesson was developed. Occasionally you may also see a “Comments” section. This is used by the author to provide related information or additional personal perspective. You will also note that a number is displayed in parentheses next to the title of each lesson. This number is hyper-linked to the actual lesson within the SOLLIMS database; click on the highlighted number to display the SOLLIMS data and to access any attachments (references, images, files) that are included with this lesson. Note: You must have an account and be logged into SOLLIMS in order to display the SOLLIMS data entry and access / download attachments. Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 1 of 36