SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 15

between DDR and SSR was “Reintegration” – the process of reincorporating as many appropriate ex-combatants into the new military as possible. For the select few who were able to pass the vetting process, “Reintegration” not only gave them quick employment in the new military, but also served to build trust (between former enemies) and let them become an integral part of the greater Liberian peacebuilding effort. Due to the downsizing of the new military, however, other avenues for reintegration for most ex-combatants (economic avenues, such as public works programs) had to be pursued. Likewise, the UN and U.S. integrated DDR and SSR in the transformation of the Liberian National Police (LNP). The highly corrupt, brutal police force that had operated during the Taylor years was, unfortunately, still largely intact after the civil war. Its officers posed a significant threat to the state and to peace. In response to this threat, the United States initially put much a much higher priority and much greater attention on reforming the LNP than on reforming the AFL. The U.S. and UNMIL demobilized (purged) all unqualified policemen, vetted/reintegrated a small number of personnel, conducted extensive recruiting/ vetting/training of new police forces, established a new police academy, and developed an emergency infrastructure. UNMIL took on the major role of training the LNP, worked with various international partners to build new police stations and barracks, and equipped the force with vehicles and logistics. Also, efforts were made to increase female representation in the force. A unique approach taken by recovery leaders and new governmental leaders was the effort to operationalize “human security.” The primary focus here was to ensure that the population could gain ɕɽȈѡх丁)յȁѕ́ݕɔхѼɔѡ܁0ݽձЁȁѡɕѕ)Ѽѡ́хѕɱȰٕѥɽ͕́݅́Ѽ͍ɕѡ)ѕ́ȁѡ0M䰁ѡ0́ɍՍɔ݅́ɕ͕聥)ͥ锁݅́Ʌѕ͵Ёхչ̀ѼɕՑ)共ѥ́Ѽͽ٥ѡхєЁ݅́ѡ䁉L)ݥѠɥ́Յɕɕ͕ѕQɐɅѥɅ݅́)ͥ镐ٕɥѡݥՉ聑͍ɅՑаɕ)ȁѡ́݅Ȱ1ɥѽ䰁ѡ1ɥѥѥ٥̰ѕɅ)ͼ1ɥ́ݕɔх՝ЁѼѡɅ́ѡ0ͼѡЁѡ䁍ձх)ѽɽͥ饹ѡȁݸх)䰁ͥ́ѡMMHHѥ́Ѽͽєѡхє)䁽ɍѡȁ͡еѕɴѥ݅́Ѽ锃qݽɭ́)tLȁѡ͔չѕɉqݽɭ́ȁ݅Ȼt д)ɕٕ䁱́ݕɔɕɽѥٔɽѥѡѥ́)ɽ́х͡ձѥѕɅѥٕɹх)ݕ́ɝѥ́ݡ݅ѕ݅ɱ́1ɥٕ́ɸ)хɝѥ̀9=̤ɥѼѡչ䰁́مՅѕ)хͽɕɹѡ͔ɽ̽ݕɔͥѱ䁡)ѡU8ѡ̰ͥɕٕ䁱́ѼɕѕɅѥ)Q ѕ́Eե1 хЁA-M=$)AЁ