SOLLIMS Sampler Special Edition, May 2017 - Page 12

Implications. If the aforementioned recommendations are not followed, then UN peacekeeping missions will continue to experience leadership failures and incidents of high civilian casualties – resulting in loss of UN / Mission credibility. Event Description. This lesson is based on the following sources: (1) “A Refuge in Flames: The February 17-18 Violence in Malakal POC,” (by Matt Wells; published by Center for Civilians in Conflict, 21 April 2016); (2) “MSF internal review of the February 2016 attack on the Malakal Protection of Civilians Site and the post-event situation” [published by “Medecins Sans Frontieres” (MSF) aka “Doctors without Borders,” June 2016]; (3) “Protection of Civilians Needs to Be Understood as a Collaborative Strategy and Not a Campsite,” by Hannah Dönges, in “Global Peace Operations Review,” published by the Center on International Cooperation, New York University (NYU), June 2016; (4) “Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict,” published by Security Council Report, Inc., 15 May 2015; (5) “Report of the Secretary-General on South Sudan,” S/2016/341, published by United Nations Security Council, 13 April 2016; (6) “Statement by the President of the Security Council” on Protection of Civilians, S/PRST/2014/3, published by United Nations Security Council, 12 February 2014; (7) “Accountability for Peacekeeping Failures Must Be Shared by the UN in New York,” in “Global Peace Operations Review,” published by the Center on International Cooperation, NYU, December 2016; (8) “Joint Publication 3-0, Joint Operations,” Joint Staff, 11 Aug 2011; and, (9) “Strategic Lesson Number 13: The Imperative of Protecting Civilians,” David Mosinski, PKSOI, 27 November 2012. Comments. Granted there were mitigating circumstances at Malakal POC – such as the enormous IDP population, the existing/historical tensions between communities, and the fact that SPLA uniforms (and support) were involved. Nonetheless, there is no excuse for failure to act to protect civilians. Displaced women sit in the ashes of their shelter, burned during the fighting at the Malakal POC site. Photo: OCHA. Table of Contents | Quick Look | Contact PKSOI Page 11 of 36