SoCultures Magazine 2018 SoCultures Magazine December 2018 - Page 65

SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward Create beautiful things, sad things, and happy things. We only live while we create. Learn from all. Discard things that don't seem right to you after you have debated them with yourself and better people. Always believe in unlearning and relearning What changes or initiatives, you feel will bring the humanity closer and connected in the year 2019 I would love to see people dig deeper into their emotions and souls and make their life, dreams and reality of what they believe in What would you like to see more in cultural aspects of life- books, films, art or theater etc.. Creative people are blessed with the ability of projecting thousands of words in a single project. I hope people communicate the right sort of ideas. Art works and Picture Courtesy: Bidisha Sarker 65 | P a g e