SoCultures Magazine 2018 SoCultures Magazine December 2018 - Page 64

SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward day. These are the kind of people who I look up to and am sure will play a great part in changing the world for the better, one day at a time. Do you have any experience of celebrating a New Year in completely strange another country in a totally different culture? No. New Year is about home and the people I am comfortable with. LOOkING BACk What was your favourite film, book or music album, or any other cultural activity from 2018? 2018 for me, has been a spiritual journey when it comes to music. I shifted to listening to Indian classical and folk music. I have been experiencing the spiritual essence in the same and cannot stop bragging about how amazing it has been for my mental and physical health. Any news story, incident, memory about your experience of 2018, you would like to share? I remember the day I sold my first artwork. I hadn't told my parents about the sale as I feared they wouldn't take my passion for it seriously. But then I remember my parents' faces when I broke the news to them after that I had started doing this as professionally. LOOkING fORWARd As we all are about to usher into a New Year. What is your message for a more beautiful universe? 64 | P a g e