SoCultures Magazine 2018 SoCultures Magazine December 2018 - Page 62

SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward There is not much to be expected from a year. It is just another number and another year. I keep goals for myself and I have realised that we are never served time on a platter. We MAKE, FIND time for the things that deliver our better version, dole out things good for us and also things we FEEL passionate about. Our pharmaceutical company has been the greatest endeavour this year and we intend on generating employment in the healthcare sector in India. As we are global citizens and we are affected by what’s happening round us in the world, what are your predictions and expectatios for the universe? I think that the witty people with morals and a will to DO instead of just dream are going to bring about change. We as a people should be more aware of the consequences of our choices every day, be it electing governments, choosing our diets, form opinions, chose careers and even the smallest of household tasks we do every day. I believe there are people who try being a better version of them every 62 | P a g e