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SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward As we are global citizens and we are affected by what’s happening around us in the world, what are your predictions and expectations for the universe? Since we are human beings and we live on this world, I believe we should work together to make this world a better place. I believe if we combine all together we can create a safe environment to live in. Year 2019 can only get better. As long as we stick together, it will be accomplished. New Year is also the time when we are reminiscing, looking back and thinking of times spent in the previous year…as well as anticipating and looking forward to all the super exciting times filled with lots of laughs and sunshine. Looking back, what was your favorite film, book or music album or any other cultural activity from 2018? Something funny you would not be able to forget? In 2018 , I got to spend my New Year with my daughter Izabella Maria. I loved seeing her happiness and the sparkle in her eye. She got to see new things and experience a totally different world during that time. We listened to my father’s band, which she absolutely loved. I just enjoyed holding her in my arms and welcoming the New Year together. 55 | P a g e