SoCultures Magazine 2018 SoCultures Magazine December 2018 - Page 51

SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward Would you like to share with us news, incidents, memories, experiences from 2018? I am very happy to have released my new CD titled "LOOP" in 2018. This was a big and important milestone for me and I am happy about so much positive feedback from the people. Something funny in 2018, you will share with us? I am happy and grateful that every day in my life I find at least one situation that makes me laugh. Because laughter is the most important elixir of life for us humans, in order to be able to arrange the everyday life beautifully. Looking Forward Since, we're all about to start a new year. What is your message for a more beautiful universe? My message to the universe? A winner is a dreamer who never gives up! What changes or initiatives do you think will bring humanity closer and connected in 2019? People have to talk to each other and try to listen to each other. Only then will it be possible to understand and act better. All pictures courtesy: Nora Kudrjawizki 51 | P a g e