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SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Looking Back Looking Forward Do people in these times like to exchange cards, gifts or sweets? Would you like to share with us your fond memories of a favorite card, a gift or some anecdote? We exchange memories of the past year, remember beautiful moments together and laugh a lot. This is the most beautiful gift that we are with our friends and family. What do you expect from 2019? What will you do for yourself and your company this year? I hope for a year without wars and bad news. A year, in which, people continue to act with their senses and contribute to a sensible beautiful universe and I will try to reach many-many people with my music and make them happy. Do you have experience celebrating a new year in a completely foreign country in a completely different culture? No, it is a tradition for me to start the New Year in the circle of my family and in my home country. New Year is also the time when we remember, look back and think about the past year.... and look forward to all the super exciting times with lots of laughter and sunshine. Looking Backā€¦ What was your favourite film, book, music album or other cultural activity from 2018? There's a young band called "Ghostly Kisses" who released a new album in 2018 that hits me right in the heart. It touches me very much and has accompanied me in many moments of 2018. 50 | P a g e