SoCultures Magazine 2018 SoCultures Magazine December 2018 - Page 40

SOCULTURES DECEMBER 2018 Celebrations Celebrating New Year New Year USA Free-spirited Portland or jazz-loving New Orleans and music hub New York , ultra glam Las Vegas, or chic Chicago, Miami, Boston and New York City – name alone invokes a million different notions of culture, cuisine and entertainment. New Orleans offers epic cocktail scene, bar lined streets, live music at Jackson Square, fireworks. The glamour of Los Angeles is accentuated with celebs, world class cocktail bars, and swanky black tie parties. And super cool parties in B Scott Bauer, USDA ARS, , Las Vegas may continue well past dawn. Chicago and New York are canvasses for the legendary architects, full of sky scrapers and famous building by Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan or a Wright's Guggenheim Museum. New Year is a splendid experience there. Plan for the New York City’s Times Square, if you like braving crowd and cold but don’t want to miss out on vibrant atmosphere. 40 | P a g e