SO Sofitel Hua Hin Meetings E-Brochure 2019 - Page 18

TEAMBUILDING PUT YOUR GAME WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS AND CHALLENGE YOUR COLLE AGUES TO THE SO AMA ZING R ACE. THE MORE POINTS COLLECTED THE FIRST THREE ROUNDS, THE MORE EX TR A TIME THE LE ADING TE AM ENJOYS IN THE FINAL SHOWDOWN TO BRING HOME THE GLORY. MAY THE BEST TE AM WIN! PROGR AM 8:30am Darknes s Golfing, B asket Mayhem, Decathlon Adventure 11am Final showdown: Wibit Gold Rush Total time: 2.5 hour s DARKNESS GOLFING Good communication is key to succes s . Hit a golf ball into the hole blindfolded, guided only with verbal instruc tions from your teammates . BA SKET MAYHEM How many three-pointer s can you shoot in one minute? Each team has t wo 60-second rounds to achieve one target – maximum balls in the hoop. DEC ATHLON ADVENTURE It’s all about teamwork in these four games stations: fill a leak y pipe with water; win a three-legged ping-pong spoon race; come fir st on a bike race, and hit a pickleball into a basket. WITBIT GOLD RUSH 18 CHALLENGE Finding the treasure chest is one thing, but how much of it can you bring back along the Wibit? Strategize, divide up the sec tions , and as a team, conquer the games! You have seven minutes to transpor t the boot y (gold balls are x10 points) back to the s afe zone.  19