So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 90

Foul Hooked

by Howard Levett

Casting 101

I guess one of the perks of being a famous outdoor writer is you get offers, invitations and free goodies to try, and of course, the hordes of fans wanting to just be near you.

A while back, I was asked to teach a senior center course on fly casting to some older adults in various states of disrepair. I thought, no problem, as I am an older adult in various states of disrepair. My reputation as a master caster apparently had filtered down through the local senior citizen newspaper.

My experience in dealing with senior citizens is legendary. Once, an attractive 73 year old woman told me that she wouldn’t be able to attend my weekly visits to the local senior center any more. When asked why not, her reply stunned me.

So Much Water...

...So Little Time!