So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 89

SMW; What about color?

Chad; I don't think there are any secrets with color. We all know the top 5 colors white, olive, yellow, black and ginger. 'Put a little lip stick on it' and you got it.

SMW; Lip stick?

Chad; A little flash... make it pretty.

SMW; What about action?

Chad; The way you ty a pattern determines a lot of the action that a pattern will have in the water. A deer hair head wants to float. In combination with a sinking line, the pattern is pulled down on the strip and floats back up on the pause. Those types of patterns have a very erratic all over the place action. Deceiver style patterns tied without weight will have a side to side action and patterns with lead eyes, bead or cone heads have a down and up action, falling on the pause.

Your fly can't stop. Meaning that when I pause the fly it's still moving, either kicking to the side, up or down but never just hanging like a big wet sock in the water column. I believe that is what will turn the fish off. A dead motionless fly in the water. As we strip a fly back, the pause is what gives the fly the ability to give you that action. Have those three types of patterns and you have all 3 actions and all of the water column covered.

SMW; What about water column, any tips you can share?

Chad; Here on the White, we deal with ever changing water depths. Adjust the bug for the place in the water column the fish are holding in and you'll do just fine.

Streamer reccommendation

Upper Column - CJ SlugGO

Middle Column - CJ Megga Minnow

Lower Column - CJ White River Schulpin

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Johnson