So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 75

The fishing itself is often an issue in its own right when it comes right down to it. Most of these trips are planned around a specific event on a particular body of water. Whether that event is the end of runoff season or the peak of a certain hatch, our timing is very seldom precise. If predicting the weather is a near impossible feat, then predicting just when a certain bug species will hatch (obviously dependent on the weather conditions that you inaccurately predicted earlier) has to be right up there odds wise with predicting the next apocalypse. Even if you do get lucky and you’re timing isn’t totally off base it can be hard to make reality live up to those early expectations. The fish are never quite as big as you had hoped for…the bugs not as plentiful…the water not as blue. That being said, after countless years of planning and executing these trips I can honestly say that they’ve all been enjoyable in their own special way. I’ve spent weeklong fishing trips drinking due to foul weather and I’ve spent weeklong drinking trips fishing because the conditions were just too good not to.

In the end, it’s the adventure of the unknown and the small, unexpected surprises that the road trip often holds that make the experience what it is. So quit worrying about that weather forecast, the rising price of gasoline or the less than stellar fishing reports and start planning your own Summer Road Trip.