So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 73

Road Tripping

Words and Pictures by Jeff House

Summertime for a lot of us out there means one thing….road trip. Your idea of a Summer Road Trip might be a weeklong vacation with the family that just happens to occur at a destination where a flyrod and a small box of flies can provide a welcome break from familial duties. For others it may be a full-fledged fishing vacation complete with bonfires, brown liquor and those buddies that your wife may or may not approve of. Still yet, your idea of the perfect Summer Road Trip may be a solo adventure where you hope to leave all of life’s trappings behind and re-charge the soul before being forced back to 40 hours a week of reality. Regardless which of these scenarios best describes your own version of the road trip, one thing remains constant, the simple fact that it’s one of the most common and looked forward to trips of the year.

I try to schedule a minimum of two road trips every summer, schedule allowing. One of these is set aside for time with the family but still almost always includes a few days (or hours each day) where a flyrod in hand is the recreation of choice. The second trip is usually more of a guy’s outing, you know the type…several days away where no one says a thing about the fact that you’ve been drinking too much every night, haven’t showered in days and have full intentions of keeping that streak going for as long as you’re allowed.