So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 68

Saturday morning came even earlier, once again thanks to the festivities in cabin 6. Our decision today was to follow Team Grajewski on the infamous “Tweaker Float.” Once again the river conditions were good and, once again the musky gods frowned upon us. Dave stuck with the top water game and Tom and I stuck with streamers. We did manage to catch a glimpse of a few fish but that was it. After 4 hours of seeing no fish, and dealing with the brutal heat, a team decision was made to ramp up our efforts in the “Get Trashed” portion of the event. We grabbed some gloves and a handful of trash bags and started doing our part to clean up the river.

As crowds gathered at Collins River BBQ for the awards, rumors were floating around that someone stuck a behemoth. Everyone we talked to had a rough day on the water. The high skies seemed to have put the fish down. The crowd was anxious to see if the rumors were true. Todd approached the microphone the crowds quieted, and the winner of Hardly Strictly Musky 2015 is… Alan Broyhill (team SCOF) with a monster 49.5 inch female caught 30 minutes prior to the deadline. The rumors WERE true.

Photo by Jeff Trigg