So Much Water Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2015 - Page 34

That all being said this was the first time that I caught rainbows on an olive woolly bugger fished under an indicator on the drift. There were three of us down for a weekend trip of fishing and debauchery. The newbie in the group (fact is, we all were, he was just a lot greener) rigged up a size 6 olive woolly bugger under an indicator and asked if this was good to start with. We had a little laugh and in our vast experience and knowledge explained that, ‘You don’t fish a streamer with an indicator’, adding just enough light hearted insult to give him a, ‘I’ll show your asses attitude’. To make a long story short within an hour we were all fishing woollies under an indicator on the drift and catching rainbows about as fast as we could put it back into the water. The wind had picked up that day enough that the water was pretty choppy. I guess those olive buggers must have been doing quite the hula dance as that indicator bobbed in the choppy water. Later I learned that is actually an old standby method for fly roders fishing for crappie. I still fish marabou patterns under an indicator when the conditions are right and the method still gets a fish or two on the end of my line.

I enjoy fishing the Beaver Tail water. It’s a great place to get away from the crowd especially in the fall and winter months. It’s a beautiful piece of the country even when the fish aren’t biting. I’ve seen more Pileated Wood Peckers there than any other place I’ve ever been.

Photo by JK Smith

Photo by JK Smith


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