SMU Guildhall Graduate Catalog Spring 2018 — Cohort 26 - Page 80

Adrian Hernandez Software Development « Non-Playable Charater Emotion Modeling Using the OCC Model, Five Factor Model, and Social Relations The goal of my thesis was to bring I also created a small predator and prey into game development. This was done working. The model helped me gain a architectures and ideas from psychology by creating an emotional model for Non- Playable Characters using three main architectures. The first is called the OCC Model, which provides the basis for the emotion generation my model uses. The second architecture is called the Five Factor Model, which describes a person’s personality making each NPC unique. The last architecture is the idea of social relations, which describes how one person feels towards another allowing NPCs to gauge each of their peers differently. It consists of four aspects: liking, dominance, solidarity, and familiarity. 80 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT simulation to demonstrate the model better understanding of the psychology of emotions. With more work, this project could be useful to the video game industry by breathing a little more life into NPCs, giving them more realism and meaningful interactions without the need for scripted sequences.